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Kathmandu STORM-Chaser Rain Jacket Review

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Investing in a high-quality rain jacket is essential for outdoor enthusiasts. The perfect jacket combines durable waterproofing, comfort, and style, offering reliable protection in inclement weather. The STORM-Chaser 3 Layer Men’s Rain Jacket from Kathmandu promises all of these, but does it deliver? Let’s dive in. Aesthetics and Design First impressions are everything, and the …

Nemo Kayu 15 Sleeping Bag Review

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If you enjoy overnight hikes, you know how crucial the right sleeping bag is. A bad sleeping bag can ruin an otherwise enjoyable trip. On three recent trips, I’ve been testing the Kayu, Nemo’s lightest sleeping bag. In this review, I cover size, weight, warmth, comfort, and features, to help you decide if the Nemo …

The Best Carry on Backpack in Australia for 2024

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We review the best carry-on backpacks on the market to help you choose the best option for your next adventure.

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5 Tips for Low Light Photography

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Finding yourself in a situation where there is not enough light for a decent exposure could be a little intimidating at first. Compared to real life it’s much like stepping out of your comfort zone.  Fear not, there are a number of simple ways to create great photos in low light environments. Once you have …

How to Rock Climb: A Beginners Guide

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For many people, rock climbing is a fringe activity: high up on a cliff, with little more than a rope and harness keeping you off the ground, it’s certainly not for everyone. But, if you’re interested in climbing, figuring out where to start can be pretty overwhelming. Before you even get out onto the rock, …