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At The Adventure Lab, our goal is to provide high quality, actionable information and advice for people with questions relating to their next adventure. With a wide range of expertise and interests, here is our team of writers:

Mountain guide

Gaby Pilson

Professional Mountain Guide

A professional mountain guide and experienced outdoor educator, Gaby enjoys travelling and exploring the world’s most remote locales.

As a writer and editor, Gaby has written for a variety of climbing and travel blogs, news sites, and climbing magazines.

She is currently finishing a master’s degree in outdoor education but in her free time, Gaby loves a strong cup of coffee and searching for the next great adventure.

Learn more about what she does at www.gabypilson.com.

Michael Handlin

Personal Trainer

Michael is a personal trainer with a degree in Sports Medicine and ten years of experience working with clients in the fitness industry.

He has worked in physical rehabilitation, various coaching roles, and developed and implemented a strength program in a popular rock climbing gym.

His current interests include trail running, rock climbing, and surfing.

April Edwards


April is a physiotherapist that specialises in sports injuries and loves helping people to get moving. Some of her favourite sports include running and yoga.

When she’s not out doing those, she’s thinking of her next trip somewhere around the globe.

April also loves writing in her free time and sharing her knowledge and adventures through her blog www.thelivenowplan.com.

Andrew Nixon

Exercise Physiologist

An exercise physiologist and hiking enthusiast, Andrew enjoys spending his time learning about the body and exploring the great outdoors.

As a writer, Andrew has written for a number of health and fitness blogs.

Andrew holds a master’s degree in Exercise Science and has spent time as a personal trainer, university instructor, and currently serves in an exercise-oncology clinical research program.

Sam Russell

Outdoors Writer & Editor

Sam spends whatever free time he has trail running, hiking and mountain biking. From Canada to New Zealand to Nepal, Sam has completed many of the worlds "great walks".

He is very passionate about his hiking gear and is always looking for ways to shave a few extra grams off his pack weight. He's also a budding photographer.

Sam is based in Melbourne. Follow him on twitter at SamRuss20833220.

Kaili Meyer

Health and Wellness writer

A health and wellness writer, Kaili loves trying out new ways to sweat—like mountain climbing and hot yoga—and following it up with a delicious homemade Buddha Bowl.

As a writer and editor, Kaili has written for multiple fitness and nutrition companies as well as health and wellness magazines. She also runs her own website: SideOfKail.com, where she delves into the latest trends and topics in the health world.

When she’s not tossing weight around in the gym, Kaili can be found cuddled up with her cat Oliver and reading a good book, or booking a flight across the world without a plan.

Jessica Palmer

Photographer and Writer

A photographer and writer who has a somewhat constant urge to escape the mundane, Jessica travels regularly overseas and within Australia.

As a writer, Jessica writes for a variety of sites and magazines and is also the founder of www.familyholidaydestinations.com, a site dedicated to family travel.

Zachary MacDonald

Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiology Researcher

Zach MacDonald is an Exercise Physiology researcher, holding his Master’s Degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science from The University of Tampa.

He is a competitive bodybuilder in the NPC, as well as a NASM certified personal trainer.

He dreams of obtaining his PhD in the near future as well as becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Michael D'Aulerio

Personal Trainer and Ultramarathon Runner

Michael is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist.

He is also an ultramarathon runner and in 2018 finished a 200 mile ultramarathon, one of the longest running races in the world.

He is the best selling author of three books, and maintains a personal blog at LongRunLiving.com. Contact him on social media at twitter.com/longrunliving and Instagram.com/longrunliving.

Scuba diving instructor

Shin Sano

Professional Dive Instructor

Shin has been a diver for over 15 years and has been teaching for almost a decade.

Working with multiple dive shops, Shin has learned the ins and outs of scuba equipment.

He has worked with divers from around the globe to improve their skills and build their dive kit.

Polina Raynova

Professional Photographer

Polina is a freelance photographer, always on the lookout for creating simple images with deep impact.

She loves observing the details around her and giving everyday scenes and objects a touch of cinematic feel.

Check out her work at www.polinaraynova.com.

Steve Mitchell

Golf Subject Matter Expert

Steve is currently a scratch handicapper and has been playing golf since he was a child.

He is dedicated to bringing and teaching golf to those who have never played the game. 

His goal is to simplify and demystify a sport that some may find intimidating.

Chris Stone

Personal Trainer

Chris Stone is a Personal Trainer and Fitness writer who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

During his time in the Health and Fitness Industry, he has worked at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, spent time in North America coaching and directing football camps and now runs his own Personal Training business in the Scottish capital.

He is immensely grateful to have the opportunity to help others improve their wellbeing through personal training and fitness writing.

You can find out more about Chris at chrisstonepersonaltraining.com

If you have any comments or questions please get in touch using our contact form.


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