Hiking for Beginners: A Guide to Get You Started

Hiking checklist for beginners

Many people get into hiking as a way to exercise or get outdoors. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to start hiking, as a beginner, getting started can be pretty daunting, especially when you consider that trails can be tough and that the weather can change at a moment’s notice. Before you hit the trails, … Read more

The Best Yosemite Tours From San Francisco

The glacially carved valleys of Yosemite National Park are a veritable jewel of the United States National Park system. Here, you can stand on lush green valley floors that are dwarfed by steep granite walls as high as the eye can see. Adventure is limitless in Yosemite, as you can take to one of the … Read more

Water Purification Tablets: The Basics You Should Know

Purification of drinking water from a stream

Whether you’re heading out into the hills for a long backpacking trip or you’re travelling overseas to a place where the water is a little iffy, chances are good that you’ll want to have some method for making water potable. Water is critical to human life as we know it, but in many parts of … Read more

The Best Soft Shell Jackets in Australia for 2024

Softshell jackets are the unsung hero of the outdoor gear world. They keep you warm in the cold, protected from the wind, and dry in light rain all while staying breathable and comfortable during high-octane activities. Although it might seem like no one jacket could possibly do all of these tasks, softshell jackets have proven … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to the Leave No Trace Principles

Hiking gear reviews

When we head outside, it’s important to keep in mind that our actions have a significant impact on the environment and landscape we love. Despite our best intentions, we often affect the environment in a negative way, just by traveling through it or spending time in the backcountry. Although it’s impossible to fully eliminate our … Read more

How to Pack a Hiking Pack

Hiking pack sitting on grass

If there’s one thing that can quickly ruin a hiking trip, it’s a poorly packed pack. An improperly packed backpack can put awkward tension on your shoulders or unnecessary and painful strain on your lower back, none of which is conducive to a great adventure out in the hills. On the other hand, a well-packed pack could … Read more