The Best Polaroid Camera in Australia for 2023

best instant camera 2019

Polaroid cameras are proof that nostalgia is a force to be reckoned with. That’s right, the instant camera has made a comeback! Before digital photography, you had to wait until a lab processed your film before seeing the results.  That is until the Polaroid Corporation pioneered a consumer-friendly instant camera and film. Other manufacturers soon … Read more

A Basic Guide to Photography for Beginners

basic photography lessons

There are many different types of photography genres, but regardless of your interests, there are some basic concepts that need to be understood that apply to all types of photography. Wondering where to start?  It’s hard to know where to begin when taking those first steps away from your camera’s automatic mode. Fortunately, we’ve created … Read more

The Best Travel Tripod in Australia for 2023

best budget travel tripod

A travel tripod is an essential piece of kit for the photographer on the move. It provides stability for the camera and allows the photographer to capture clear photographs using slow shutter speeds (long exposure).   Slow shutter speeds are required for low-light conditions, astrophotography, getting that beautiful wispy look into flowing water, light trails, … Read more

The Best Canon Lens for Landscape Photography

best canon lens for landscape and portrait

Behind every great landscape photograph is a good wide-angle lens that allowed the photographer to capture the grandeur of the scene before them.   Whether the scene is the sun rising behind a lone tree against a calm lake, or the red heart of Australia surrounded by the desert wildflowers in spring, a wide-angle lens … Read more