The Best Dive Knife in Australia for 2024

Scuba diving knife

Among the essential items in your dive kit is your trusty knife. Your knife is a cozy dive buddy that you strap on to bring an extra bit of safety to every dive. Below, we will show you the best dive knives available in Australia with a quick rundown of what to look for in … Read more

How to Scuba Dive: A Beginners Guide

Scuba Dive Lessons Australia

Have you ever looked at the ocean and wondered what lies beneath the surface? You’re not alone. According to the marine biologists behind the BBC’s Blue Planet series humanity knows less about Earth’s oceans than we do about the surface of Mars. When you scuba dive, you are venturing into this unconquered world of wonders. … Read more

The Best Dive Computers in Australia for 2024

Best Dive Computers Australia

Scuba diving is one of the most fun and rewarding outdoor activities, and here in Australia, we have some of the world’s most magnificent diving. Adding a good quality dive computer to your kit will make your diving safer, more accessible, and reward you with increased bottom time. With the wide variety of dive computers … Read more