Why You Should Take Your Kids Rock Climbing

Girl indoor climbing

A rece​​nt study found that two-thirds of children do not do enough physical activity to sufficiently aid their growth and development. Rock climbing offers a huge range of benefits to children, ranging from lessons around overcoming challenges and dealing with failure, to promoting healthy life choices. Further, climbing can be a great way to spend … Read more

How to Rock Climb: A Beginners Guide

For many people, rock climbing is a fringe activity: high up on a cliff, with little more than a rope and harness keeping you off the ground, it’s certainly not for everyone. But, if you’re interested in climbing, figuring out where to start can be pretty overwhelming. Before you even get out onto the rock, … Read more

Budget Action Cameras: The Best GoPro Alternatives for 2024

Action camera technology is rapidly improving, with 4K video, GPS location tracking, and live streaming to social media becoming more and more common. At the same time, prices are becoming more affordable, meaning it’s now easier than ever for you to capture your adventures on film. GoPro created this market and they are still very … Read more

The Best Rock Climbing Ropes in Australia for 2024

The climbing rope represents the ultimate bond between climbing partners – a lifeline, both literal and figurative. When you’re high up on a climb, the last thing you want to worry about is your climbing rope, so buying the right one before you head to the crag is of the utmost importance. Climbing ropes can be a … Read more

The Best Rock Climbing Helmets in Australia for 2024

Anything can happen while climbing – rocks can fall and gear can get dropped. Although we hope that these incidents are few and far between, it’s best to be prepared by wearing a climbing helmet. That’s why they should be a key part of your climbing kit, along with your shoes and harness. However, there are a number of different … Read more

The Best Rock Climbing Harness in Australia for 2024


A good climbing harness can be the difference between a fun day at the crag and a painful session working on your new climbing project. While we all want a good, well-fitting harness, it can be difficult to find the right one with all of the options available today. To show you through the world … Read more