Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Review

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Author: The Adventure Lab Staff

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If you’re in the market for a head torch, it won’t take long before you realise that the Black Diamond Storm needs to be on your short-list.

In our headtorch round-up it was awarded the top spot by our hiking and outdoors expert, Gaby Pilson, due to “its great combination of durability, brightness, and functionality”.

It also received an Editors Choice Award from Outdoor Gear Lab, and was awarded “Best hiking/camping headlamp” by Consumer Search.

So what makes the Black Diamond Storm so great?

Black Diamond have been in this game a long time, and they know what makes a great head lamp. The Storm is their most popular product, integrating some of their high-end technology, but still maintaining an affordable price tag.

Expert's Note:
"I’ve used this headlamp for a number of years and it does not disappoint. It is easy to adjust the brightness setting, making it useful for both hiking and reading. I have not been brave enough to submerge it in water, but it’s held up just fine in heavy rain."

The Storm is designed to be a versatile head torch suitable for a wide range of activities and adventures.

​Features and functionality

With 350 lumens and max beam distance of 85m, the Storm should provide more than ample light in most circumstances. Three colours and a variety of light settings means you can choose the most appropriate for your needs so you don’t unnecessarily drain the battery.

It also features Black Diamond’s Brightness Memory, which means when the light is turned on and off it will remain on the same setting, unlike some other models.

PowerTap™ Technology provides the option for instant transition between full and dimmed power, perfect for setting up tents in the dark. The strobe feature adds functionality for emergency situations and will also be a welcome addition for cyclists.

The Storm is fully waterproof and submersible up to 1m, is dustproof, and is easily durable enough for hiking and adventure sports.

The main downside we have identified with this headlamp is that it only uses disposable batteries. It is also slightly heavier than some alternatives, such as the Black Diamond Spot.


Overall, this is a very impressive, affordable, versatile head torch, suitable for a wide range of activities.

It’s most suitable for those who will make full use of it’s rugged casing and waterproofing, and high powered lamp.