Hiking in The Grampians – Our Favourite Day Walks

The Grampians are one of Victoria’s natural beauties. Steep cliffs and rugged terrain make the Grampians a special place, perfect for your next outing.

Tackle the Grampians on foot and you’ll open up a world of amazing views and endless opportunities.

Hands down, the best way to see the Grampians is to head out for a walk or hike.

There are a number of different trails that are suitable for people of a variety of different fitness or adventure levels.

Coming up, we’ll give you information on some of the best hikes so you can head right out and explore.

The Pinnacle

Distance: 4.2km
Estimated Duration: 4 hours
Start: Wonderland Carpark
Finish: Wonderland Carpark

The Pinnacle is the high point in the Wonderland Range and is home to some of the most beautiful views in the park.

The walk out to the Pinnacle is an absolute classic and brings you past incredible geological formations and a mixture of terrain.

You’ll start by crossing Stony Creek, after which you’ll enter the Grand Canyon gorge.

Walk through 20 metre high cliffs and rock-hop your way along the canyon floor until you make your way to a steel ladder – your exit point.

Now, you’ll follow arrows painted onto the rock as the track briefly passes through a eucalyptus forest.

You’ll climb again and soon enter the Silent Street – a narrow crack in the rock just wide enough to squeeze through.

Once you exit the crack, you’ll find yet another ladder that takes you up a gully which is just a short walk from the Pinnacle itself.

Walk over to the fenced lookout and enjoy the stunning view you’ve worked hard for.

We recommend this hike for confident and more experienced hikers who aren’t bothered by heights or narrow spaces.

Due to the ladders and tight squeezes, we don’t recommend doing this trail with younger children.

If you do have small children or want a less spicy adventure, consider a shorter and more straightforward trip from the Sundial Car Park instead.

Mount Rosea

Distance: 9.4km
Estimated Duration: 4.5 hours
Start: Rosea Carpark
Finish: Rosea Carpark

This beautiful trail leads you to the highest peak in the Halls Gap area and is home to some stunningly rugged Grampians scenery.

The Mount Rosea hike is a fantastic day trip for adventurous souls looking for some challenge and a whole lot of climbing.

The trail begins by climbing up through a stringybark forest towards a typical Grampians rocky area. You’ll follow cairns and cross over rocks and through huge boulders.

As the track approaches the cliff rim, you’ll continue following rock cairns and painted arrows as you drop down into a steep gully and climb back up to the other side.

After this rock hopping adventure, you’ll get some respite as the path levels out for a short section until you reach Mount Rosea’s massive east-facing cliffs.

You’ll follow the cliffs south to a bridge that crosses a narrow crack known as the Gate of the East Wind.

Continue walking through a cave and across a rocky section until you reach a trail junction just 100 metres from the summit of Mount Rosea herself.

Continue onward for a short stretch to claim your well-earned view and bask in its glory before returning home on the same route.

This is a great hike for the more adventurous amongst us who enjoy dramatic scenery and steep walks.

On this hike, you’ll be treated to stunning views, but make no mistake – you’ll have to work for it.

We don’t recommend this hike for smaller children as the terrain might be too challenging and the bridge too exposed.

Briggs Bluff

Distance: 10.6km
Time: 5.5 hours
Start: Briggs Bluff Carpark
Finish: Briggs Bluff Carpark

On this challenging hike, you’ll be treated to amazing views of the impressive Mt. Gar Range peaks.

You’ll cross footbridges and climb through cliffs as you meander through a world of rock outcrops and steep climbs.

Start walking along the track from the Briggs Bluff Carpark and after 1km, you’ll wander through a series of cliffs.

Eventually, the landscape will open up and you’ll see the beautiful Beehive Falls before continuing on to cross a footbridge at the base of the falls.

Navigate your way through a maze of cliffs and you’ll pop out into a vast area of rocky outcroppings.

The trail will soon start to dip into a gully as you prepare yourself for a steep climb amongst the rocks. Just be sure to stop for a breather and take in the amazing views.

After climbing for a while, you’ll eventually reach a small saddle directly opposite Briggs Bluff where you can take a well-deserved break.

Keep walking on a level track alongside some cliffs and caves. Eventually, you’ll dip down and cross a gully before passing through a stunning natural rock arch.

Once through the arch, you’ll reach a junction and know that you’re just 1.2km to Briggs Bluff.

Continue onward through some rugged terrain, following rock cairns until you reach the top of the Bluff.

Once at the top, be sure to stop and take in the views of the Mt. Gar range and the plains of northwest Victoria.

Take caution, though, as there is no fence at the top of the Bluff and it’s quite a sheer drop of several hundred metres if you did get too close to the edge.

After you’ve revelled in your amazing views, retrace your steps and return back to the carpark, being sure to take care on the descent.

This trail is not for the faint of heart. It is strenuous and exposed so is best done by more experienced hikers who are up to the challenge. There are steep cliffs and exposed edges at multiple points during the hike, to take care and be cautious.

In Conclusion

Regardless of which hike you choose, there’s something in the Grampians for everyone.

Before heading out, be sure to check the Parks Victoria website and get updated trail information from the Visitor’s Centre at the park.

Be prepared with adequate food, water, and equipment for your day out.

Be sure to have a map and compass – and know how to use it.

But, most of all, have fun and enjoy the stunning scenery of the Grampians.

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