Kathmandu STORM-Chaser Rain Jacket Review


Investing in a high-quality rain jacket is essential for outdoor enthusiasts.

The perfect jacket combines durable waterproofing, comfort, and style, offering reliable protection in inclement weather.

The STORM-Chaser 3 Layer Men’s Rain Jacket from Kathmandu promises all of these, but does it deliver? Let’s dive in.

Aesthetics and Design

First impressions are everything, and the STORM-Chaser doesn’t disappoint. With its modern, sleek design, this jacket effortlessly combines style and functionality.


It’s something you’d feel comfortable wearing in a variety of environments, from city streets to mountain trails.

However, the limited colour palette may not cater to everyone’s taste, so those who prefer more neutral tones or diverse options might find this somewhat restricting.

Waterproofing Performance

The true test of a rain jacket is its performance under stormy conditions.

In my personal experience with the STORM-Chaser, the waterproofing capabilities of this jacket have been excellent, keeping me dry in downpours and drizzles alike.

The three-layer Pertex Shield fabric appears to live up to its promise of weatherproof protection. But it’s important to note that this is based on a few months’ use, so while the initial performance is promising, only time will tell if it stands the test of time.

Comfort and Fit

The comfort of a rain jacket is as important as its waterproofing abilities.

The STORM-Chaser scores high on this front, with its slightly longer length providing excellent coverage and making it especially suitable for hiking or other outdoor adventures.

The adjustable hood, hem and cuffs, as well as the articulated sleeves, contribute to a comfortable wearing experience that doesn’t compromise mobility.

Quality and Material

When it comes to the quality and craftsmanship of the STORM-Chaser, the jacket is impressive.

The primary material is lightweight yet robust nylon that appears well-constructed, suggesting it’s built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use.

The jacket utilises Pertex Shield fabric, which features a breathable membrane to reduce condensation build-up inside the jacket, a key factor for comfort during physically demanding activities.

Even though Pertex fabric is often considered a lower-tier fabric compared to GoreTex, it is still capable and generally holds up well in challenging weather conditions.

Room for Improvement

Despite its many positives, the STORM-Chaser isn’t perfect.

One minor annoyance is the sticky main zip mechanism when connecting at the bottom. (I’m unsure whether this occurs on all STORM-Chaser jackets or just my one).

Although it’s a small gripe, a smoother zip would enhance the overall user experience, especially when you need to fasten or unfasten your jacket quickly in changeable weather.

Waterproof Rating and Value

The jacket’s waterproof rating is an essential factor to consider, especially when comparing it to other products on the market.

The STORM-Chaser has a 15,000mm waterproof rating, which, while commendable, is overshadowed by other jackets like Kathmandu’s Bealey that feature Gore-Tex and boast a higher 28,000mm rating.

Therefore, if maximum waterproofing is your top priority, the STORM-Chaser may not be the best value option.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the STORM-Chaser 3 Layer Men’s Rain Jacket strikes an impressive balance between style, comfort, and weather protection.

While it has a few minor drawbacks, such as the zip issue and limited colour options, it’s high-quality materials and thoughtful design make it a strong contender.

However, if you value maximum waterproofing over all else, there may be more cost-effective alternatives to consider.

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