The Best Soft Shell Jackets in Australia for 2022

Softshell jackets are the unsung hero of the outdoor gear world. They keep you warm in the cold, protected from the wind, and dry in light rain all while staying breathable and comfortable during high-octane activities. Although it might seem like no one jacket could possibly do all of these tasks, softshell jackets have proven … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to the Leave No Trace Principles

Hiking gear reviews

When we head outside, it’s important to keep in mind that our actions have a significant impact on the environment and landscape we love. Despite our best intentions, we often affect the environment in a negative way, just by traveling through it or spending time in the backcountry.Although it’s impossible to fully eliminate our impact … Read more

How to Pack a Hiking Pack

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If there’s one thing that can quickly ruin a hiking trip, it’s a poorly packed pack. An improperly packed backpack can put awkward tension on your shoulders or unnecessary and painful strain on your lower back, none of which is conducive to a great adventure out in the hills.On the other hand, a well-packed pack … Read more

Staying Alive Outside: Top 5 Hiking Safety Tips

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Whether you’re out for a day hike or a month-long backpacking trip, safety should be your number one priority outside. Sure, we all want to have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature, but, more importantly, at the end of our trip, we want to return home happy, healthy, and ready for the next adventure. … Read more

The Best Blue Mountains Walks

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With its rugged and dramatic cliffs, sweeping eucalyptus forests, and impressive waterfalls, the Blue Mountains National Park is one of the country’s national treasures. And at less than two hours drive from Sydney, its splendors are accessible to a huge portion of the population. Located almost due west of Sydney, a significant portion of the … Read more

The Best Hiking Trails in Australia

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Australia has some of the most diverse hiking opportunities anywhere on earth. From scenic coastal tracks to high mountain passes, those who make the effort will be rewarded handsomely. Read on as we take a look at 5 of the best hiking trails our country has to offer. 1. the Overland Track View this post … Read more