The Best Hiking Socks in Australia for 2024

A pair of high-quality hiking socks is one of the most important pieces of outdoor gear you can invest in. While they might seem benign and simple, picking the right pair of socks is critical for preventing blisters and for keeping your feet comfortable throughout a hike. Although you could just wear any pair of … Read more

The Best Hiking Boots in Australia for 2024

Womens hiking boot

The most important piece of hiking gear you have is your boots. A solid pair of hiking boots can make the difference between an amazing day out in the hills and a slow, painful, slog back to the car. Investing in a pair of well-fitting boots is the best decision you’ll make in your hiking … Read more

The Best Polarised Sunglasses in Australia [2024]

Polarised Sunglasses Australia Reviews

Sunglasses are some of the most underrated pieces of gear in the outdoors. Often broken, lost, or left behind, sunglasses are sometimes treated as if they’re more of a fashion accessory than a piece of safety equipment. But, new research shows that wearing sunglasses is critical for our long-term eye health and vision, so maybe it’s time … Read more

The Best Hiking Shoes in Australia for 2024

womens walking shoes on sale

Many hikers love the freedom and lightweight of a hiking shoe instead of a clunky boot. While hiking boots can offer plenty of ankle support for carrying a heavy hiking pack for days or weeks on end, a lightweight hiking shoe can make moving fast and efficiently over long-distance terrain a breeze. There are so many hiking shoes on … Read more