The Best MTB Gloves in Australia for 2024

Your gloves represent one of the key points of contact between you and your bike.

And one thing is for sure, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. They come in a huge range of styles and materials, each designed for a slightly different type of rider.

To help you on your quest to find the best gloves to suit your needs, we’ve created this buyers guide including our pick of the top products on the market.

After the reviews below we will look at the key things to keep in mind when choosing your gloves.

Our top pick: Fox Dirtpaw Race Glove

Fox Racing 2019 Dirtpaw Gloves XX-Large BLACK/BLACK

The Dirtpaw is Fox’s attempt at an entry-level glove with many of the features of more high-end options.

Featuring armoured knuckles, padded palm, and silicone print for lever grip, while still being thin enough to maintain hand feel and control, this is one of the best gloves on the market at this price level.

  • Good level of protection
  • Affordable                                                 
  • Sizing runs a bit small                                       

Giro DND Mountain Bike Gloves

Giro DND Gloves

Very popular and very comfortable, the DND (Down and Dirty) is Giros do anything glove.

They offer a medium level of protection and are at the more affordable end of the spectrum.

  • Comfortable, snug fit
  • Affordable                                                  
  • Minimal protection                                   

Fox Ranger Glove​

Fox Ranger Gel Bike Gloves Black/Black XX-Large

Fox’s best-selling gloves, the Ranger is super comfortable and minimalistic.

With all the features of a high end glove such as silicone grip fingertip and touch screen capability, but at an affordable price point, the Ranger is a great all around option.

Note that these gloves offer basic protection only, so if you are after something with more padding we suggest looking at the Fox DirtPaw.

  • Comfortable, lightweight
  • Touch screen compatible                       
  • Minimal protection                                   

Giro Bravo Glove​

Giro Bravo LF Gloves

​Another great glove from Giro, the Bravo offers is a comfortable, solid glove. Gel padding on the palm improves comfort while a tough synthetic leather provides protection.

  • Gel padding
  • Comfortable, snug fit                                   
  • May be too warm for summer riding       

Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves​

2018 Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves-Gray-S

The Air Gloves from TLD are popular because of their super comfortable, minimalist, lightweight design.

Silicone grips on palm and fingers means slippage won’t be an issue, while the 2-way stretch Lycra Spandex mesh is breathable and shapes around your hand.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Silicone grip on palm and fingers
  • Affordable                                                  
  • Minimal protection

How To Choose Mountain Bike Gloves

The best MTB gloves for you really comes down to what type of rider you are and what conditions you will be using them in.

Keep those things in mind, and read through the below key considerations you should think about when in the market for gloves.

Fit and Comfort

You want your gloves to be snug but not tight. Too loose and you’ll have excess material around your hands. Too tight and you’ll restrict movement.

Not all gloves are created equal. The lighter-weight ones with minimal padding will generally be more comfortable (particularly in hot weather) but obviously aren’t as effective in a crash.

Full vs Half Finger

This is really a personal preference. Some riders feel they have improved control with skin contact on the brake and gears, while others enjoy the airflow.

Keep in mind the reduced protection if you do opt for fingerless gloves.


Depending on your riding style you may opt for more protection than offered by the minimalist gloves.

Typical protection includes durable palm material or padding with some models also including added protection on the back of the hand and knuckles.

Other Features

Other features to keep an eye out for include towelling for wiping sweat/snot, silicone pads on fingers and palm, and touch screen capability.

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