Top 5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Wedding Photos

Here are a few wedding photography tips to help you make and capture memories that will last forever.

1. Search for a professional photographer ASAP

It’s important to hire a professional wedding photographer as soon as possible. As soon as you know the date, this should be one of the first items on your list. Wedding photographers typically book many months, or even a year in advance. The better their reputation, the more likely they are to have a full schedule. You do not want to miss out, so this should be one of the first items on your list.

2. Develop a Shot List

Your photographer will probably have a few ideas for classic wedding photos. Certain photos are iconic and a part of most wedding packages, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little bit creative and come up with a few of your own. Perhaps you would like some special shots that capture your personality and show who you are as individuals and as a couple. If you decide that you would like some special photographs, such as these, it is a good idea to plan them out and let your photographer know ahead of time so that they can prepare, too. You will also want to make sure that the photographer gets things like siblings, cousins, grandparents, and other guests of honour. Don’t forget to include things like the bouquets, rings, veil, shoes, invitations, and other things that are a part of the ceremony. Make sure you point them out so that your photographer knows about them and has them on the list.

3. Pre-Plan the Shoot

Planning is the key to a successful shoot. You need to make sure that you have any props that you need, a list of shots, and that you meet with the photographer ahead of time to discuss these things. Some of the things that you want to do may require special equipment on their part or special preparation. It is best to make sure that you plan the day and have a set schedule. This makes it easier on Everyone.

4. Practice Poses

The best poses are those that look natural, but looking natural takes practice. One of the best tips is to pretend that the photographer is not there and keep moving naturally. Your photographer will probably have a few tips, but it is a good idea to study the basics and practice them. For instance, you should not press your arms against the body, but hold them out slightly. When holding your bouquet, your arms should be relaxed and stretched out with your elbows away from your body. You could even practice with your phone to make sure you have it right.

5. Minimise Your Locations

Another important tip is to not overwhelm your photographer with driving and changes in location. Setting up photography equipment takes time and can be complicated. You are probably hiring the photographer by the hour for the shoot, so you want to allow them to spend the time taking photos of you instead of travelling, setting up, and tearing down their equipment. Your photographer will thank you for being considerate of this factor.

These wedding photography techniques and tips will help you get the most from your photographer and help them capture the day in a way that will live in your memories forever. Another thing you might want to consider is hiring a wedding planner. Having a wedding planner can take the stress away from both of you so that all you can all you have do is enjoy the day. There are online platforms that allow you to browse and connect with wedding providers near you. The most important tip is to start planning soon.