The Best Electric Skateboards in Australia for 2024

Could there possibly be a more exciting way to get from A to B than an electric skateboard? One of the most successful product categories in the recent wave of ridable technology, electric skateboards have found popularity amongst commuters and old-school skaters alike. However, while there’s a wide range of electric skateboard options out there, … Read more

How to Skateboard: A Beginner’s Guide

So you’ve got yourself a skateboard and are ready to hit the skate park? Not so fast! As with any activity, you’ve got to learn the basics before you can start pushing the boundaries. Skateboarding is no different – master the fundamentals and you’ll be well set to take your skateboarding in whichever direction you … Read more

How to Make Skate Wax

Candle Skatebaord wax

Need some wax for your next skate session? Sure, you can buy some from specialty skate stores. But you can also make it at home for a fraction of the price. Not sure where to start? We’ve done the hard work for you – evaluating the various methods and providing you with detailed instructions on … Read more

The Best Skateboard Trucks in Australia for 2024

Lightweight Skateboard Trucks Australia

Your trucks are one of the most important pieces of hardware in your skateboard setup. The right pair of trucks will fit both your deck and wheels and will suit your skating style. After the reviews below, we cover the key things to look out for when choosing skateboard trucks. Our top pick: Venture Trucks … Read more

The Best Skateboard Decks in Australia for 2024

best skateboard decks for street

If you take your skating seriously, a good quality deck is essential. Good decks will be lighter, more durable, and provide superior “pop” and responsiveness when compared to cheap decks. It can, however, be difficult to know which skateboard deck will be best for you. The good news is choosing a skateboard deck shouldn’t be … Read more

The Best Skateboard Wheels in Australia for 2024

Skateboard Wheels Australia

More than any other part of your set-up, it’s important to choose skateboard wheels that suit your style of riding and will deliver you the best possible performance. The last thing you want is to buy a pair of wheels only to find out they are too big or too soft. After the reviews below, … Read more