The Best Electric Skateboards in Australia for 2024

Could there possibly be a more exciting way to get from A to B than an electric skateboard? One of the most successful product categories in the recent wave of ridable technology, electric skateboards have found popularity amongst commuters and old-school skaters alike.

However, while there’s a wide range of electric skateboard options out there, not all of them are worthy of your hard earned cash.

What’s more, there’s a lot changing in the market that one needs to consider when making their decision. For example, boards from unknown Chinese brands were previously considered sub-standard and to be avoided at all costs, but with drastic improvements made in recent years there are now many tried and tested boards from China. This has brought down the price of high-quality electric skateboards overall, meaning more value for the consumer.

Also, Australian buyers need to deal with the fact that many of the popular brands are not available here, which can make it feel like options are limited.

To help you in your search, we’ve rounded up the best boards available in Australia and assessed them against a range of important criteria including maximum speed, maximum range, charge time and much more. This review and comparison will help you find the best electric skateboard for you.

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Budget Electric Skateboards (under $1000)

Electric SkateboardWeightTop SpeedRangeModesCharge TimeWheelsMotorBatteryWarranty
Backfire G27.4kg38km/h18 – 20km33h 30m96mmHobbywing Hub187Wh Lithium6 months
ExWay X1 Pro6.85kg45km/h25km42h 45m85mmBrushless193Wh Lithium6 months
Backfire Mini6kg42km/h15-18km31h 30m85mm2 x 450W Hub175Wh6 months
Ownboard M17.2kg42km/h22 – 25km32-3h90mm2 x 650W dual beltSamsung 40T

Most big brands have a budget board on offer but some have managed it better than others. Although you won’t get some of the customisation options or unique features that are available on more expensive boards, a budget electric skateboard should still offer plenty of speed, range and stability, especially if you buy from a reputable brand. These boards have the added benefit of being lightweight too.

Top Pick: Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 38km/h
Range: 18 – 20km
Weight: 7.4kg

Pros: Stable, fast, excellent build quality
Cons: Less portable than smaller boards

The Backfire G2 is an affordable and high-quality electric skateboard suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike. Its large wheels (96mm) mean the board can handle bumps with ease.

One of the things we love about this skateboard is that it is created for both stability and speed. The wide trucks, big wheels and long wheelbase make this a board that can go fast (the top speed is 38km/h) without feeling wobbly.

The downside to this is that you can’t do quick turns and manoeuvres. At 7.4kg this isn’t the lightest board on our list (take a look at the Backfire Mini) but it is definitely one of the lighter electric skateboards available.

The remote is ergonomic and comes with a wrist strap so you can hold it securely while you ride. This board uses hub motors and a 187Wh battery. It can be fully charged in 3.5 hours which isn’t bad considering you then get 18 – 20km of range.

There are 3 modes available which is pretty standard for these budget boards. Overall the performance and quality of the Backfire G2 is great for an entry-level electric skateboard.

Runner Up: ExWay X1 Pro Electric Longboard

Max Speed: 45km/h
Range: 25km
Weight: 6.85kg

Pros: Settings customisation, sleek design, shock absorbing grip tape
Cons: Rigid deck may be too hard for some people

This sleek electric longboard from ExWay is another fast and stable option. It has hard wheels measuring 85mm and a stiff deck that makes it great for sliding.

The battery is hidden inside the deck which is impressive considering the battery isn’t small (193Wh). With an overall weight of 6.85kg this is also one of the lightest boards we have reviewed.

The shock absorbing grip tape is an interesting feature and gives a more comfortable ride on rougher terrains. The 25km range makes the X1 Pro ideal for commuting and longer rides.

The remote is small and simple, it has one button that controls everything and is the perfect size to fit in your hand. The display gives you all the key information such as your speed, the battery level and which of the 4 gears you’re in.

One of things that is unique about this board is you can download the ExWay app and then customise your settings and upgrade the firmware. This allows you to get a much more detailed view on your electric skateboard and what it is set to do.

The ability to customise the settings of this electric skateboard makes it a good options for beginners and for kids as parents can set the modes to suit the level of the rider so kids can enjoy the skateboard in a more controlled way.

The X1 Pro has dual hub motors as standard but there is the option of upgrading to X1 Pro Riot which is exactly the same but with a belt drive system instead. You can also get the Pro Riot system and change them as you please.

This ability to change the drive train is one of the key features of this model. If you’re not sure which to choose; the Riot offers better braking performance, higher acceleration and speeds but it is heavier, uses more power and the belts require maintenance. If you want higher speeds and you’re mostly riding in hilly terrain then the extra power and braking of the Riot drive is going to be worthwhile.

Most Portable: Backfire Mini Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 42km/h
Range: 15 – 18km
Weight: 6kg

Pros: Lightweight, sleek, air travel-friendly
Cons: Not very stable at speed, doesn’t handle bumps well

If you need a shortboard for getting around with minimal hassle, the Backfire Mini is ideal. This board weighs only 6kg making it the lightest skateboard on our list. It is light enough to carry in a bag or in your hand so you can easily commute and travel with it.

There are 3 modes on the Mini; Eco, Sport and Turbo. Despite the small size, the Backfire Mini offers an impressive top speed of 42km/h. The downside is that it isn’t going to offer the same level of stability as the Backfire G2 when going at high speeds.

With that said, the carbon fibre deck is high quality and concave so your feet are easily kept in the middle with space to lean. We also love that it has a kicktail so you change direction quickly or pick the board up smoothly while on the go.

The wheels are relatively small at 85mm, the same as the X1 Pro. They are durable but are average when it comes to handling vibrations.

This highly portable electric skateboard offers plenty of power for skating around town, is reliable and built to last.

Also Great: Ownboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 42km/h
Range: 22-25km
Weight: 7.2kg

Pros: Lightweight, quiet belt motor, 2 battery options
Cons: Not great for bumpy surfaces

The Ownboard M1 is a dual belt electric skateboard with 90mm wheels and two battery pack options to choose from (Samsung 40T or Samsung 20R).

There are 3 different speed levels and the board offers plenty of power with a top speed of 42km/h. With the 40T battery you can get 22 – 25km of range.

This board is comfortable on smooth roads but you will likely feel any bumps and cracks.

The M1 uses FOC which is a newer technology that is more efficient and helps make the belt motor quiet during use. This is a good short electric skateboard that weighs just 7.2kg, it is easily portable but is best suited to travelling shorter distances.

Mid Range Electric Skateboards ($1000 – $1500)

Electric SkateboardWeightTop SpeedRangeModesCharge TimeWheelsMotorBatteryWarranty
Backfire Zealot Belt Drive8kg46km/h28 – 36km36h96mm2 x 750W Hobbywing311Wh Changhong Sunpower Cells6 months
WowGo 3X Belt Drive8kg39km/h22.5km43h90mm2 x 600W260W Samsung6 months
ExWay Flex7.7kg40km/h32km34h 40m (1h 30m quickcharge)85mm2 x 600W HubSony VCT66 months
Backfire Ranger X210.8kg35km/h24 – 30km45h165mm2 x 1200W Hub454Wh6 months
Backfire G38kg46km/h24 – 30km32h 30m96mm2 x 450W Hub260Wh6 months
Evolve Stoke8.16kg36km/h15km32h85mm2 x 1500W Brushless Out-runner144Wh1 year
ONEwheel Pint10.4kg25km/h13kmNo remote2h266mm (single)750W Brushless HubNMC battery30 days

When looking at mid range electric skateboards you want to consider the overall performance and reliability. These boards are more polished than the budget ones so take note of the electrics used and the customisation options too.

Top Pick: Backfire Zealot Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 46km/h
Range: 28 – 36km
Weight: 8kg

Pros: Impressive speed and range, excellent performance, fun to ride
Cons: Long charge time

The Backfire Zealot is a brilliant board that combines smooth acceleration with a flex bamboo deck to give you stability at high speed and the ability to carve with ease. The 96mm wheels are perfect for street riding and are able to handle small bumps without a problem.

The acceleration and brakes on this electric skateboard are up there with the best on the market. The way the board responds to you pushing the throttle depends on the mode you are in with Turbo mode allowing you to reach high speeds in no time. This is one of the fastest boards on our list offering an exhilarating 46km/h.

One of the great things about the Zealot is that it only weighs 8kg so it is more comfortable to pick up and carry than the heavier Ranger X2.

One of the things that sets this board apart from the budget options is the deck. It isn’t as stiff and rigid as the other boards we’ve looked at so far. Having a bit of flex and play in the deck makes it more fun to ride and easier to carve. The Zealot also has built in LEDs which are a cool touch that increase visibility.

A downside to this electric skateboard is the charge time – it takes 6 hours to fully charge the battery which is the longest charge time of all the boards we reviewed.

Runner Up: WowGo 3X Belt Driven Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 39km/h
Range: 22.5km
Weight: 8kg

Pros: Smooth acceleration and braking, updated battery, user-friendly controller
Cons: Limited range

The WowGo 3X is the latest skateboard from WowGo and is noticeably different from the WowGo 2S model. For one, the new build uses a belt drive motor. Also, the battery has been improved to be more efficient and offer a larger capacity.

The deck is bamboo with an outer layer of fibre glass, this helps to provide extra support without disrupting the flexibility. The grip tape is 60% fine sand so your feet will stay in position but you can also slide them around as needed.

As with the Backfire Zealot, the 3X offers smooth acceleration and braking. It performs well down hills and the improved ESC responds without delays.

There are 4 modes with the slow, normal and fast modes not adjusting the acceleration but increasing the maximum speed available. The Turbo mode gives you max speed plus increased acceleration. We love that the front trucks are Paris Trucks which make this longboard great for carving.

When you are running low on battery the remote will vibrate to let you know. This still gives you a couple of kms before the battery is flat. The range is 22.5km which is less than you get with most other options at this price range, including the Backfire Zealot and the ExWay Flex.

Best Value: ExWay Flex Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 40km/h
Range: 32km
Weight: 7.7kg

Pros: Well suited to carving, premium parts, lots of customisation options with app, motor options
Cons: The rear truck bolts are under the grip tape

The ExWay Flex has a bamboo and fibreglass deck that offers lots of flexibility so you can bounce around without worrying about the deck getting damaged.

The shock-absorbing grip tape combined with the flexibility in the deck give a smooth ride. The deck is concave with flared edges over the wheels, this helps in turning and helps you keep your feet well positioned on the deck.

The ExWay Flex has an enclosure for the ESC and another one for the battery, which is completely different to the ExWay X1 Pro which has the electronics inside the deck. This is one of the big things that makes this model have such a flexible deck in comparison.

Another great feature on the Flex is the Trist trucks, they are incredibly durable and are able to withstand high speeds without wobbling.

With this electric skateboard there are two motor options. The first is the hub motor or the second is the belt drive (offered in the Riot Kit). It’s also easy to switch between the systems if you want both. The hub motors are completely silent but provides slightly less power while the belt drive produces a whirring sound and the increase in power means this motor is better for hill climbing.

Best All Terrain: Backfire Ranger X2 Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 35km/h
Range: 24 – 30km
Weight: 10.8kg

Pros: Smooth on uneven terrain, ergonomic remote, double kingpin trucks
Cons: 5 hour recharge time

The Backfire Ranger X2 is the new and improved model in the Ranger series. It is not only 4kg lighter than the X1 model it also has a different battery, a turbo mode, a stronger motor and uses the Hobbywing ESC.

Although lighter than the earlier Ranger model, this electric skateboard is still on the higher end of the scale at 10.8kg. This is heavier than many of the budget and mid-range models but for an all-terrain skateboard it’s one of the lighter options.

The wheels are 165mm so are ideal for handling uneven surfaces. This gives you a smooth ride no matter what obstacles you face, something the smaller 85mm wheels simply can’t offer. The lightness of the board makes it agile so you can enjoy a top speed of 35km/h when on the roads.

One of the great features on the Ranger X2 is the double kingpin trucks, which gives the board fantastic manoeuvrability despite its large size. The flexible deck also helps to make this a fun and comfortable ride.

Something unique about the wireless remote for this electric skateboard is the finger hole that makes it feel ergonomic and secure to hold while on the go. When the battery is flat it takes 5 hours to recharge which is pretty standard for a larger skateboards of this type and style.

Also Great: Backfire G3 Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 46km/h
Range: 24 – 30km
Weight: 8kg

Pros: Impressive top speed, LED lights, comfortable
Cons: Limited customisation options

One of the biggest selling points of the Backfire G3 is the speed. It offers a top speed of 46km/h making it ideal for thrill seekers. Despite using a dual motor (hub) this board accelerates as fast as a belt driven motor. In addition to the high speed the G3 also offers a decent range of 24 – 30km.

The board offers 3 speed modes, and the jump between them is quite big so beginners should take care if using this board for the first time. The turbo mode packs a punch so is best suited to open roads with plenty of space.

The Hobbywing ESC produces smooth and effective acceleration. The brakes may not be as strong or responsive as some electric longboards so it’s important to be aware of this when getting used to the board.

Overall, this is a highly versatile board with 96mm wheels and a comfortable Flexi deck. It offers plenty of power and takes just 2 and a half hours for the lithium battery to charge back up.

Also Great: Evolve Stoke Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 36km/h
Range: 15km
Weight: 8.16kg

Pros: Great for daily commutes, small, portable
Cons: Not suitable for larger wheels

The Evolve Stoke is a shorter board that offers a fast ride that’s ideal for street riding. If you’re looking for a lightweight board for your daily commute this is a good option thanks to its portability.

Although it’s just over 2kg heavier than the Backfire Mini this board does have the added benefit of improved speed and range.

One of the key features of the Evolve Stoke is the kicktail. This is something some riders love while others may prefer not to have it. Unfortunately, the positioning of the rear facing motor mounts can slightly limit the use of the kicktail.

This board uses 85mm wheels and is not recommended for larger wheels due to larger wheels touching the deck when riding. The Evolve Stoke also benefits from regenerative braking. It’s a good all-rounder that offers speed and portability ideal for commutes.

Best One Wheel: ONEwheel Pint Electric Skateboard

Max Speed: 25km/h
Range: 13km
Weight: 10.4kg

Pros: Fun to ride, good for uneven surfaces, low price tag
Cons: Limited range

If you are looking for a one wheel board then the ONEwheel Pint is the best choice. It is a zippy ride that offers a very similar experience to the larger ONEwheel XR but for a lower price.

The Pint is compact and isn’t as fast as the XR but it can go up to 25km/h and handles rough roads with ease. The board is self balancing and is quick to start and accelerate.

This one wheel board is the only one on our list that doesn’t use a remote control, instead it uses a lean and go system. The board is responsive and there is an app you can use to change the riding mode.

The ONEwheel Pint also recharges in just 2 hours which is one of the fastest recharge times on our list. Overall, this is a fun but heavy board that offers plenty of fun for those on a lower budget.

Premium Electric Skateboards ($1500+)

Electric SkateboardWeightTop SpeedRangeModesCharge TimeWheelsMotorBatteryWarranty
WowGo AT 213.6kg40km/h35km46h175mm2 x 1500W Belt14AH Flexible battery9 months
Evolve GTR Bamboo and GTR Carbon11.3kg36km/h30km45h85mm2 x 1500W Brushless Out-runner14AH Samsung1 year
Bajaboard S2 Atrax18.3kg55km/h44km4h 30m203mm1 x 6374 belt drive864Wh1 year
Ecomobl M24 PRO27kg48km/h32 – 40km44h – 6h200mm3050W960Wh6 months
Tranzite Hybrid Bamboo12kg45km/h40km33h – 4h115mm1600W Direct DriveSamsung 30QExtended warranty

Premium boards are all about the design. These boards are fierce, they offer everything you could want from an electric skateboard and more. It is difficult to rank these options as they each have something unique to offer so it’s more about finding one that suits your specific style and application.

Best All Terrain: WowGo AT 2 Electric Skateboard

Top Speed: 40km/h
Range: 35km
Weight: 13.6kg

Pros: Excellent performance, high quality, smart turn-on
Cons: Heavy

If you’re looking for a powerful skateboard that can handle anything you throw at it, the WowGo AT 2 is the board to choose. This is a high performance board made with premium parts.

We like that board will automatically turn on and off when you turn the remote on and off. This makes it much more user-friendly and means you can be on your way in no time at all. There are 4 riding modes and the range is an impressive 35km.

The pneumatic wheels are 175mm so are large and stable to handle any terrain. You can also choose 120mm cloud wheels if you prefer. The deck is made from layers of maple wood, bamboo and fibreglass.

Runner Up All Terrain: Evolve GTR Bamboo and GTR Carbon All Terrain

Top Speed: 36km/h
Range: 30km
Weight: 11.3kg

Pros: Compatible with different wheels, high quality
Cons: High price

The GTR Series from Evolve has received a lot of positive feedback and hype, and for good reason. They are stylish, powerful and impressively versatile.

The GTR carbon fibre deck features an anti-skid honeycomb design to give you better grip and more stability. It also looks contemporary. The Bamboo GTR has more of an old school look with dark grip tape along the edges. The bamboo offers some flex but not as much as you may expect.

The dual brushless motors are high performance with a carrying weight of 100kg. These powerful motors get you up to 35km/h. The All Terrain GTR has a reduced range compared to the standard version but you can still get an impressive 30km from it.

Compared to the previous version the GTR has seen some huge improvements. The remote is now Bluetooth connected and the board has been made stronger with increased protection for the Samsung Lithium Ion battery. This is a board that gives you high speed, plenty of range and a lot of versatility.

Super-Premium All Terrain: Bajaboard S2 Atrax

Top Speed: 55km/h
Range: 44km
Weight: 18.3kg

Pros: Fast, long range, premium quality
Cons: High price, not as manoeuvrable as other options

The Bajaboard S2 Atrax features a new herringbone gear drive system, a new steering system and a stronger chassis. The board is also slightly more compact.

The top speed of this board is 55km/h which is the highest of all of the electric skateboards we have reviewed. The maximum range is also at the top of the list at 44km. There is no doubt this is an all-round impressive board.

The large 203mm wheels make the ride super smooth and means the board is able to pretty much go anywhere. The controller is very responsive which is extremely important with a board this powerful. The responsiveness of the controller combined with the smooth, strong braking ensures you always feel like you are in control.

The downsides to this board are the weight and the cost. This is one of the most expensive options and it weighs 18.3kg so isn’t the most portable of boards. It’s also not a board that is going to be handling sharp turns.

Runner Up Super Premium: Ecomobl M24 PRO

Top Speed: 48km/h
Range: 32 – 40km
Weight: 27kg

Pros: Fast, high range, extremely durable
Cons: Heavy

The Ecomobl M24 PRO is a real competitor to the BajaBoard above. It uses gear drive motors that can not only go extremely fast (48km/h) but can also go slowly when you need to.

This board is built to be strong and durable, it is made using solid aluminium with a 9 layer maple deck. There is a smartphone app so you can adjust the features of the board and check the health of the battery.

This board is almost 30kg so it is the heaviest by far and as such has a completely different feel to the other electric skateboards we have reviewed. It reminds us a bit of a beach buggy as it is has huge wheels (200mm) and a double-spring shock absorber for incredible stability.

The Ecomobl M24 PRO is an off-road machine that has 4 speed modes, 4 brake modes and is available at a much more affordable price than the Bajaboard.

Also Great: Tranzite Hybrid Bamboo e-Skateboard

Top Speed: 45km/h
Range: 40km
Weight: 12kg

Pros: Smooth ride, great for carving, highly responsive
Cons: Not as customisable as other options

The Tranzite Hybrid is a solid board that is great for carving. It offers a maximum speed of 45km/h and a maximum range of 40km so you get plenty of ride time.

The battery can be fully charged in 3 – 4 hours which isn’t bad at all for a skateboard of this size. This skateboard uses direct drive and has 3 drive modes so one mode less than the Ecomobl M24 and the Evolve GTR AT.

This is an electric skateboard you can have a lot of fun on. It is highly responsive and there are 2 wheel set up options available (rubber wheels or cloud wheels).

The mid-flex deck and the double king pin trucks ensure the ride is smooth and comfortable wherever you are.

Electric Skateboard FAQ

How do you measure the battery size on an electric skateboard?

The common measurement for electric skateboard batteries is Watt-hours (Wh). This is calculated by multiplying the battery Amps by the battery voltage.

Is It Legal To Ride An Electric Skateboard On The Road?

It depends on where you are and the type of road you want to ride on. You cannot ride electric skateboards on one-way roads with more than one marked lane, roads with a higher speed limit than 50 kilometres per hours, roads with median strips or on roads at night. In some states you are not allowed to ride electric skateboards on roads at all and they can only be ridden on private land. Always check your local restrictions and guidelines before heading out.

Is It Illegal To Ride A Skateboard Without A Helmet In Australia?

Not always, but it is advised that skateboarders do wear helmets for safety. Helmets are compulsory when riding bikes but are only compulsory when riding skateboards in some states.

Do Electric Skateboards Have Brakes?

Yes, they do have brakes. The rider has a remote control that allows them to control the speed and brake when needed.

How Fast Are Evolve Skateboards?

The fastest Evolve skateboard can go 42 kilometres per hour or 26 miles per hour.

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