The Best Basketball in Australia for 2024

A good basketball will consistently provide the perfect level of grip, control, spin and bounce, to allow for precision dribbling, passing and shooting.

Even better is to have your own ball that you get comfortable with and that can provide you with the consistency you need to evolve as a player.

Read on as we look at the best basketballs available in Australia. Following the summary table below we will outline the key features you should look for in a ball, and then get into our detailed reviews.

Our top pick: Wilson Evolution BasketBall (INDOOR, SIZE 7)

Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball,Official – Size 29.5

One of the most popular balls amongst serious players, it’s hard to go wrong with the Evolution.

The grip on this ball is very impressive, thanks to thousands of micro-pebble touch-points combined with deep laid-in channels, meaning you can apply precision backspin as and when you need it. Moisture wicking is also top-notch as a result of the premium leather composite used in construction.

Ball control and consistency on the Evolution are exceptional, meaning you can rely on this ball to perform to the same high level, day after day.

There’s a reason this is the number one ball in high schools across the USA and is recommended as the number one pick by experts across the globe.

  • Great grip
  • Moisture wicking
  • Premium leather composite
  • No break-in period                                   
  • Indoor only                                               

Also great: Molten Premium Composite Leather (INDOOR, SIZE 7)

​As the official FIBA balls, Molten balls are recognised as being the international basketball of choice.

The Molton Premium Composite is a high-end 12 panel ball, representing the best in the brands line of exceptional quality basketballs.

Part of the X-Series, this ball provides enhanced functionality and control. With a uniform pebble across all surfaces of the ball, the surface has impressive and consistent grip for superior control and precision shooting and passing.

The Molton Premium also feature the GIUGIARO design, which enhances visibility and allows players to easily track the rotation of the ball.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • FIBA approved
  • Exceptional grip
  • Rotation visibility                                     
  • Expensive
  • Unlikely to hold up outdoors as well as outdoor specific options

Spalding Basketball Australia TF-Flex (OUTDOOR, SIZE 7)

Outdoor Basketball

​The only ball on this list designed specifically for outdoor use, the Spalding TF-Flex will withstand the wear and tear that comes with playing on asphalt.

Spalding make some of the best outdoor balls on the market, and this one has been newly designed as an exclusive Australian edition.

It’s super durable rubber outer makes it perfect for street ball, outdoor courts, back yards and driveways.

  • Outdoor specific
  • Very durable
  • Affordable                                                  
  • Rubber outer as opposed to leather composite

Wilson NBL Solution Official Game Basketball (Indoor, Size 7)

Wilson NBL Solution Official Game Basketball, Size #7

​The ball is the real deal – constructed from premium composite leather, the Wilson NBL Solution is the ball used in the country’s top basketball league.

Approved by FIBA, this ball wicks and absorbs moisture to ensure there is no compromise on grip and control. The bounce is consistent and it retains its shape well over time.

The key downside of the Wilson NBL Solution is that it’s premium materials make it slightly less durable and therefore unsuitable for outdoor use.

When compared to our second pick, the Wilson Evolution, the Solution offers a slight softer feel in the hand, and maintains its grip better over time.

  • Official NBL game ball
  • Premium construction
  • Indoor specific
  • Amazing grip and control
  • Great bounce consistency                    
  • Indoor only
  • More expensive than other options

Wilson NBL Replica Game Basketball (Indoor/Outdoor, Size 7)

Wilson NBL Replica Game Basketball, Size 7

Have dreams of making it to the big league? Then this is the ball for you.

From the most trusted basketball brand on the planet comes this replica of the official Australia and New Zealand NBL ball.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this size 7 ball is designed with a moisture absorbing cover and laid-in channels for superior ball control and handling.

The NBL Replica is made from composite leather – an artificial material that feels very similar to leather but is a lot cheaper to produce.

This material is the most common material used in basketballs and also provides more versatility in terms of indoor and outdoor use.

  • Competition size and weight
  • Moisture absorbing cover
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Laid-in channels for grip and control
  • Unlikely to hold up against consistent outdoor use

How To Find The Perfect Basketball

Choosing a basketball can be a daunting task. There are a number of brands on the market, each producing a wide range of balls.

Below we break things down to the most important factors you can find the best ball for your needs.

Playing Surface

First things first, the surface you will play on will be a primary factor in determining the best ball for you.

Basketballs are broken into the following categories:

1. Indoor

Made from leather or premium composite (fake) leather. Genuine leather balls are very expensive and take some time to break in, while composite leather balls are more affordable and are good-to-go right out of the box.

These balls are designed for maximum comfort and control and are softer than other varieties, making them unsuitable for use on concrete surfaces.

2. Indoor/Outdoor

Made from composite leather, these balls are the most popular given their versatility and affordability.

While they will still scuff up over time if used outside frequently, they are your best bet if you want a good quality ball for use on both indoor and outdoor courts.

3. Outdoor

These balls have a rubber outer designed to withstand the wear and tear of playing on concrete.

When compared with the leather composite balls, there is significant sacrifice here in terms of ball feel and control, however, they are going to hold up much better over time.

They are also the cheapest type of balls.

​Ball Size

The most popular ball size is Size 7, with a circumference of 29.5″ (75cm). This is also the official ball size used for NBA, NBL, and FIBA.

However, these balls are designed for male adults, so if the ball is going to be used primarily by females or children, you may want to consider a smaller size.


Age 9 and under


Females age 9+, Males age 9-12


Males age 13+

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