The Best Bike Lock in Australia for 2024

Commuting by bike is awesome until you have to leave it unattended in front of your office building or store and it goes missing.

Leaving your precious bike unlocked for an extended period of time just isn’t an option, however, carrying around a big awkward lock can be a bit of a pain.

Want to find out what the most effective and convenient device is to protect your bike from theft?

After the summary table below, we discuss the key things to look out for when choosing a bike lock, followed by detailed reviews of the best products available in Australia.

Our top pick: Aduro Sport Bike Lock Cable 

Aduro Sport Bike Lock Cable, Bicycle Master Cable Lock with 4-Digit Combination Lightweight Bike Chain Lock (122 cm)

Aduro bike lock cable owes its popularity to the simplicity of the model. This cable is very easy to use, yet sturdy and reliable.

Well-made joints ensure that anyone willing to steal your bike will undoubtedly struggle to open the lock without using the four-digit combination.

You can personalise the unlocking combination and use the cable for much more than your bike.

Coming with a lifetime guarantee and available in two sizes, this is no doubt one of the best bike locks on the market.

  • High-strength braided wire cable
  • Resettable 4-digit combination
  • 100% risk-free purchase thanks to lifetime guarantee                                  
  • Plastic sides may look a bit flimsy               

Heavy duty option: Amazer U Lock

Heavy Duty Combination Bike U Lock, Amazer 12mm Bike Lock Bicycle Heavy Duty Combination U Lock Bike Lock Anti Theft

Amazer is one of the best bike locks on the market. Its U design keeps the unit compact and easy to fit in a pocket or backpack.

Made from 12mm hardened zinc alloy, this heavy duty lock is very hard to break or cut, while a PVC coating prevents it from damaging your bike.

Another great feature is the keyless design. You can set your own 4-digit combination so that you can discourage thieves from trying to unlock the device.

  • Strong lock resists cutting and leverage attacks.
  • PVC coating protects your bike from scratches.
  • Lightweight and compact enough to carry in a backpack.                               
  • Quite expensive

Upgrade pick: Kryptonite Keeper 12 LS Bicycle U-Lock  

Kryptonite Keeper 12 LS Bicycle U-Lock with Bracket Bicycle U-Lock (4-Inch x 11.5-Inch)

Similar to the Amazer above, the Kryptonite Keeper 12 LS is a great alternative for those looking for a U-type bicycle lock.

The main difference between the two is the locking system. Kryptonite uses a high-security key cylinder, which means you’ll have to pay attention to where you keep the keys.

Perhaps the best feature is the Bent Foot design that boosts security while promoting ease of use.

Compact dimensions and fairly low weight are two further features that make this lock a great choice, while the protective vinyl covering will undoubtedly prevent the lock from damaging your bike. Moreover, it also comes at an attractive price point.

  • Made from 12mm hardened steel.  
  • Reinforced collar for increased protection.
  • Click-style transport bracket. 
  • Unlocking may be a bit more difficult than other options.

High Security Cable Bike Lock 

High Security Cable Bike Lock - Key

If you’re on a tight budget, a reliable solution is the High Security Cable Bike Lock. Boasting a sturdy construction, this cable lock is virtually unbreakable.

The plastic parts may not have a sleek finish, but they are undoubtedly functional. The only slight downside is the length of the cable which, at 1 metre, is rather short. Nonetheless, you’ll get a chance to pick your favourite lock, either with a key or digit combination.

  • Attractive price point.
  • Variety of key or combination lock.
  • 1.5-cm cable diameter.                           
  • The variety with combination lock is not customisable.                                                         

NBIKE Folding Bike Lock 

INBIKE Folding Bike Lock Strong Lightweight with Bicycle Mount Bracket Black Anti Hydraulic

Those looking for something virtually unbreakable and who don’t mind spending more will fall for the INBIKE Folding Bike Lock.

Made of stainless steel and covered with ABS rubber paint, this lock will secure your bike without damaging its frame.

The best feature is the foldable design, but we also like that it includes a bracket that provides reliable on-board storage.

  • Security door-class lock cylinder
  • Built-in spin rivets resist intensive wear and tear
  • Lock folds compactly and comes with on-board storage                                  
  • It may scratch your bike if handled without care.                                                        

Features to Look For In a Bike Lock 

Bike locks are fairly uncomplicated devices. You want one that does the job it’s meant to, without being too cumbersome to carry or complex to use. Here are the key factors to consider before buying:

  • Build: There is no reason to get a bike lock that thieves can open in a blink of an eye. Pay attention especially to the joints and make sure they are sturdy enough to resist wear and tear. D-locks are generally considered to be the most solid option for protection, they do weigh a bit though.
  • Ease of use: Bike locks come in handy when you have to leave your bike in a public place, sometimes only for a short period of time. Spending a great deal of time locking and unlocking your bike will quickly become frustrating, so get a device that’s easy to use.
  • Purpose: Some locks are suitable to use on bikes only. Others are multi-purpose, and you can also use them to secure a scooter, stroller, or motorbike. We are true fans of the multi-purpose locks because of the versatility they offer.

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Bike locks come in all styles and sizes, but our favourite is the Aduro Bike Lock Cable.

This one boasts a classic design which, even if bulkier, is really effective in keeping your vehicle secure.

The 4-digit combination locking system means no worries about losing a key while discouraging thieves who’d like to unlock it.

The plastic bits may look a bit flimsy, but they will not hinder the lock’s effectiveness in any way.The Best Hiking Pants

Furthermore, it even comes in two sizes, so that you can match the cable length with the size of your bike.

If you’re not a fan of classic design though, you now know which are some of your best alternative options.

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