The Best Golf Drivers in Australia [2024]

What’s your stance on golf drivers? Ours is that they’re important, and they can make or break your whole experience of golf.

The market is saturated with many varieties of golf drivers – to the point that picking the perfect one seems almost impossible.

But don’t fret – if you’re looking to step up your game and add an amazing golf driver to your collection, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you will find the summary table. Underneath it, we will talk about the key things to consider when shopping for a golf driver.

Afterwards, we will cover some of the best products on the market that you can find in Australia.

Our top pick: Cleveland Launcher Driver

​Cleveland promises that you will be able to achieve a better launch with this driver, and they’re not wrong.

It comes with a HiBore crown that transfers the centre of gravity low and deep – this results in a high launch & fantastic trajectory.

It’s fitted with Flex-Fin technology that launches the ball at an impressive speed. 

  • Remarkable HiBore crown
  • Innovative Flex-Fin technology
  • Compresses at impact and decompresses at launch
  • Includes a head cover
  • 10.5″ angle – this may be too high for some players

Benross Evolution R Driver

This Benross driver is our top pick for a reason – it comes with a wide array of amazing features, and next to no cons.

It has been developed with the use of complex internal geometries that deliver a supreme feel and acoustics.

This driver also allows you to modify CG position to allow for your desired ball flight, has an 8-point adjustable hosel, and more. 

  • 450cc head for low spin
  • CT Response channel
  • R-Flight rail that modifies CG position
  • Not the most affordable on our list

Slazenger V300 Graphite Driver

​This Slazenger V300 Graphite Driver is an ideal pick for beginners and intermediate players alike.

It targets a high/mid handicap and it’s praised by those that use it for how versatile it is.

With the head made out of stainless steel, you can expect it to be durable and strong. 

  • Suitable for beginners and seasoned players alike
  • High/mid handicap
  • Durable and lasting
  • Not high-end – suited for more casual players

Slazenger V500 Titanium Driver 

​This Slazenger golf driver is renowned for its Gecko Tac gripped handle that ensures comfort and a perfect grip.

The head is a titanium 460cc, while the shaft is made of graphite, allowing for an incredibly smooth swing.

Slazenger is known to make quality golf drivers, and they prove that their fame is justified with this product. 

  • 460cc
  • Amazing comfort and steadiness
  • Titanium head combined with a graphite shaft
  • Pricey in comparison to our Best Value – but worth it

Cobra F Max SL Driver 

​Last on the list, but by no means bad – this is a fantastic premium golf driver.

It features a forged titanium face that has a variable thickness face design, which in turn improves the ball speed.

It’s very forgiving and light, which makes it ideal for both new and seasoned players. 

  • Crown alignment feature
  • Very light
  • The clubhead is oversized
  • Offset hosel design                                
  • As it is very light, you will need to get used to it to get a good swing

Buyer’s Guide 

We understand the importance of choosing the right golf driver – we’ve been there ourselves.

When faced with hundreds of options, how do you even know what specifically to look for? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of things that you should definitely consider prior to making your purchase.

1. Material

If you haven’t been reading up on golf drivers, you may not be aware of the advancements they’ve made since the first days of persimmon woods. These days, all drivers are made out of titanium or composite heads.

Titanium drivers are known to be strong, durable and light. It allows for a bigger clubhead without extra weight – which in turn means you’ll be able to swing faster. You’ll also have a bigger margin of error and produce more distance.

Composite drivers combine several different materials; most commonly, it’ll be carbon or tungsten mixed with titanium. Carbon reduces the weight of the driver, which improves ball speed.

2. Head Size

You’re probably aware of this, but golf club heads are measured in cubic centimetres (cc) by volume.

The maximum limit is 460cc, so most of the drivers you’ll find are somewhere between 440 and 460cc. 

Which one is right for you?

440c drivers are ideal for players that like to shape the ball in the air and experiment with their launch conditions.

460cc heads are known to offer more forgiveness in terms of launch.

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3. Loft

Loft is something that dictates how high the ball will fly off the clubface. It is measured on a vertical axis, and it typically adds backspin to the ball.

This enables it to rise into the air and generate more lift. The more loft you have, the more backspin you can expect to create.

Drivers are generally lofted at between 8 and 11 degrees. 9.5 and 10.5 are the most common.

If your swing speed is on the slower side (around 90mph (145km/h) or less), consider choosing a driver with more loft.

4. Length

This may surprise you, but there’s no standard length for a driver, as every manufacturer offers different models (often between 44″ and 47″). In general, the longer the shaft, the faster the head will travel – keep that in mind when deciding.

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When choosing your new golf driver, you will be looking at things such as size, weight, loft, material, and length.

It’s important to pick a driver that will suit your particular play style and what you want to achieve in the game.

If you’re looking for a golf driver that encompasses the best of all of the above, we highly recommend our Top Pick: the Benross Evolution R Driver. 

We hope that our guide was helpful, and that your new golf driver will contribute to many successes in the game!

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