The Best Golf Grips in Australia for 2024

A golf grip is an often overlooked, but extremely important piece of equipment.

While you can’t downplay the importance of having the right driver, ball or even shoes, how can anyone forget how big a role the right golf grip plays?

With the right grip, you will find yourself being more accurate, not tiring out your hands or wrists, and enjoying the game more than ever.

Your overall performance will be improved because you will have full control of your golf club. This is what the right grip can help you achieve.

We’re here to help you find the best golf grips in Australia.

Our top pick: Super Stroke Stroke Golf Grip

This is a lightweight golf grip that offers great balance, while also giving you the option to add back-weighting to your putter.

It has a textured design, which makes it ideal for wetter, humid conditions. 

  • Very lightweight
  • Textured for an optimal grip
  • Allows you to add extra weighting      
  • Not the most affordable, but top quality

Best value: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

This is a jumbo-size velvet grip that is known to be very responsive and durable.

You will be able to hold it steadily and securely with even a light grip that won’t tire out your arms.

The manufacturer recommends this jumbo-sized grip for older players and people who suffer from arthritis. 

  • Ideal for older players
  • Allows for a loose, comfortable grip
  • Jumbo-sized
  • Very affordable                                       
  • Jumbo grips are not suited to everyone

Karma V-Cord Standard Golf Grips

Karma V-Cord Standard Golf Grip Bundle, Black/Red, 13 Pieces

This is a golf grip bundle that includes an impressive 13 Karma V-Cord grips! It will keep you going for quite some time, and it is high-quality too.

These grips are suited to all kinds of weather and have a corded upper half that gives you superior control.

The lower half is soft, providing extra comfort. 

  • 13 pieces in one bundle
  • All-weather slip-on grip
  • For all irons, wedges, and woods        
  • Slightly smaller than other “standard” sized grips

Golf Pride Multi Compound Golf Grip 

This stylishly coloured golf grip comes in a mix of black and white, platinum, or red and black.

It is a combination of a rubber and cord grip, which allows it to deliver superior performance.

The top is corded and provides fantastic moisture management, whilst the rubber end grants a great deal of responsiveness. 

  • Cord and rubber combo
  • Medium soft surface texture
  • Great moisture management                  
  • Medium-soft grips are usually preferred by beginners, so if you play competitively, you may prefer something firmer

Golf Pride Midsize Tour Velvet Golf Grip 

Golf Pride Midsize Tour Velvet Grip

Yet another Golf Pride product on our list, this one shines just as much as the other ones do.

It offers excellent performance in all types of weather.

It’s slightly thicker than standard, which may suit many players. The users love it for how precise it makes them. 

  • Suited for all kinds of weather
  • Slightly thicker than standard grips
  • Easy to install                                         
  • This is a rather soft grip, which may not suit everyone

Golf Grip Buyer’s Guide 

It’s important that you have the right golf grip – one that suits you, your play style, and the rest of your gear, such as the ball or the putter.

Using a grip that doesn’t feel right has the potential to spoil the enjoyment of the game.

While it may seem insignificant, it’s the only part of the golf club that you’re actually touching and hence represents a key point of contact in your swing.

So how do you pick the best one for you? Here are a few things to be mindful of.

Grip Types

Depending on the material, the grip may feel and behave differently. Below are the most popular types.

  • Rubber golf grips – rubber is the material that most grips are made out of. It’s easily shaped, easy to produce, and delivers a firm feel. 
  • Corded golf grips – these are grips that have a cord material in their composition, which helps them provide more traction in your hands. They’re ideal for hot, humid weather.
  • Wrap golf grips – these grips feel like leather but use modern material which creates a soft surface.
  • Lightweight golf grips – intended to be very light, they align well with other lightweight products, popular in golf – such as lightweight drivers.
  • Putter grips – the only grips that are permitted to include a flat edge.

There is no single grip that will be suited to all golfers. We all have our individual needs and preferences. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t found the right type yet – keep trying, you will eventually find one that suits your playing style.

Grip Size

You may be surprised to learn that all grips are not the same size. You should always aim to use a grip that fits your hand – only then will you achieve the best possible results.

The most common grip sizes are:

  • Standard – golf grips that are 0.580 to 0.600 inches in diameter
  • Junior – smaller than standard, intended for younger players
  • Undersize – 1/64 inch smaller than standard golf grips
  • Midsize – 1/16 inch larger than regular golf grips
  • Oversize or Jumbo – ⅛ inch larger than standard golf grips

Grip Texture

Texture plays a big role in your play style and how much you will enjoy your new golf grip.

Firm Vs Soft

Firm grip textures are necessary for high-speed swings and great ball control, but a soft option allows for a comfortable and easy grip. If you’re a beginner, you will probably enjoy a soft grip.

Round Vs Ribbed

This is entirely up to personal preference. A round grip has a symmetrical design, while grips with ridges are ribbed.


When you’re on the lookout for your new golf grip, you will have to consider a few factors, such as the size, the grip type, the texture, and even your budget.

The grips on our list are all made by high-end manufacturers, but the prices don’t reflect that – they’re all considered affordable.

If you are struggling to find a good quality golf grip, be sure to check out our top pick, the Super Stroke Legacy 3.0.

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