The Best Golf Wedges and Chippers in Australia

Golf wedges are tools that offer maximum control, which makes them a crucial component in your equipment.

They can determine whether you will make bogey, or whether you save par – their importance cannot be overstated. You should, ideally, always carry a decent set of wedges in ​your bag​.

Chippers are equally important. You can play one in the same way as you would play a putter, but they allow you to lift the ball past any dangers that are blocking you from hitting the hole.

Choosing the right set of wedges & chippers is no easy task – which is why we have produced this wedges and chippers buyers guide.

Below, we review some of the best golf wedges and chippers available in Australia, then discuss the key things to consider when selecting these types of golf clubs.

Our top pick: Wilson Golf Harmonized 56-Degree Wedge

Wilson Golf Harmonized 56-Degree Sand Wedge, Right-Hand

​This Wilson golf wedge is suited to right-handed players and features a unique, beautiful sole design.

The classic style makes it stand out on the golf field – it’s really eye-catching!

It has a special sole grind that allows you to open the club face – this grants improved performance, especially on higher lofts.

It also has multiple lofts to suit your needs. 

  • Beautiful design – either classic high-polish or anti-glare black chrome
  • Multiple lofts
  • Improved performance on higher lofted shots
  • Shallow grooves                                                

Also great: Intech Golf EZ Roll Golf Chipper 

Intech EZ Roll Men's Right Hand Chipper

​This amazing chipper has a back-weighted design – meaning you can expect superior performance around the green, as it will provide better stroke-saving capabilities.

It comes with advanced alignment top lines that give you extra accuracy, and a putter length with 7-iron loft (35 degrees). The design is a shank-proof gooseneck hosel. 

  • Back-weighted design
  • Durable, shank-proof design
  • Provides superior alignment and accuracy                                                  
  • Requires a bit of practice to get used to

​​TaylorMade Milled Grind Bronze Golf Wedge

Taylormade Milled Grind Bronze HB Wedge

This TaylorMade wedge is among the best on the market. It’s made from 8620 carbon steel, and thus feels soft, not tiring you out as you play.

The CNC machined sole geometry, when combined with a precise leading edge, offers a consistent turf interaction. 

  • Ultra-precise carbon steel
  • Allows for maximum spin
  • Amazing distance                                       
  • Not the cheapest, but a top-notch product

Cleveland Golf Smart Golf Wedge 

Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Sole 3 Wedge S, Mens, Cleveland Golf 11045117 Smart Sole 3.0 Golf Wedge, 11045117, Red/Blue/Green/Gray/Brown, Large

​This top-quality wedge has a three-tiered sole and innovative optimised club specs.

It comes with a feel balancing technology that will truly help you step up your game.

You can expect confident pitches and ease of use with this wedge. 

  • Three-tiered sole
  • Wide feel and balancing technology
  • Very easy to use                                      
  • Less suitable for professional players

Slazenger V300 Chipper 

​This chipper is praised for how comfortable to use it is. It provides flexible performance, largely due to its dual-sided head, which allows you to swing from both sides.

You can expect maximum efficiency complete with total comfort thanks to the Gecko-Tac grip that this chipper comes with. 

  • Dual-head design
  • Gecko-Tac grip
  • Comfortable and flexible to use
  • Affordable                                                
  • Mostly for beginners       

Golf Wedges and Chippers Buyer’s Guide 

You know you want the best wedges chippers out there – but what, exactly, does that mean? Here are just a few of the things to consider when picking up your new wedges and chippers.

Control and feel

Aim for getting a set of wedges that complement each other. Many options are available these days, all of which are made to make your game even more enjoyable. 

Wedges are all about control as opposed to distance. Don’t worry if your future wedges do not have cavity back heads – this can actually be a good thing. Wedges have a much superior feel when they come with a traditional blade shape.

Wedge type

Wedges come in several types.

Pitching wedges are suited to chipping around the greens. They have a low loft, which gets the ball rolling smoothly and quickly in comparison to other types. For the average golfer, these will cover the 90-110 yard range.

Gap wedges (50-54 degrees) bring a club that fills in the gap in your swing. If you are often stuck between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge, you don’t have to adjust your swing. Just pick up a gap wedge, which is also a great pitching and chipping club.

Sand wedges usually have a high bounce. This allows the club to swiftly glide through the sand at the perfect level for it to take enough sand underneath the ball, but not too much – it doesn’t dig in too far. 

Be aware that high bounce clubs, such as lob wedges, are less suited to other types of shots. A low bounce club has many uses, but a high bounce does not. A low bounce will come in handy when you want to open up the face of the wedge to hit a lofted shot.

Fun fact: Ben Hogan popularised the term “Texas Wedge” in relation to low shots. It refers to a short approach shot with a putter from off the green over flat bare ground.


Chippers are tools that are mostly used by players who struggle with their greenside chipping. It is common to see high handicap players that hit the ball heavy, which can make things difficult when playing around the green. Chippers are tools that help with that issue.

They are not designed for a full swing – just for the chips around the green. As they have the loft of a wedge, but also a smooth base, they can pop the ball upwards into the air and onto the green without it sticking in the grass.

If you find yourself struggling with chipping the green, chippers are a viable option and may prove to be one of the most valuable clubs in your bag.

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