The Best Skipping Ropes in Australia for 2024

Do you know what helps you lose weight and boost stamina more than running? Jumping.

Skipping has recently seen a big rise in popularity as people catch on to the wide range of benefits on offer from this simple exercise that can be done almost anywhere.

Read on for our reviews of the best skipping ropes currently on the market.

Morgan Hurricane Skipping Rope

The Hurricane speed rope is the top-of-the-line model from Australian fitness experts Morgan.

Designed for users who integrate skipping into their regular training, this rope is smooth and efficient, making it a pleasure to use, workout after workout.

Morgan have integrated several unique technologies into this rope, including their precise independent rotation bearing mechanism. The diamond knurled grip aluminium handle is exceptionally lightweight and is comfortable in the hand. The rope itself is 3m long and is adjustable.

It you’re serious about skipping it’s hard to look past the Morgan Hurricane.

  • High quality bearings means smooth and fast rotation and less tangling
  • Lightweight aluminium steel handles
  • Fine diamond knurled grip
  • Less suitable for beginners                   

HHY Skipping Rope

Similar in construction to our #2 pick, this rope from HHY-SKIP is designed for those who are serious about using skipping in their training.

It features a 3m length adjustable steel cable rope. The handles are made from lightweight aluminium and have a a light knurling pattern for comfort and grip.

  • High quality, adjustable speed wire
  • Aluminium knurling pattern handles
  • Light and fast while remaining durable
  • Less suitable for beginners                     

Xgear Training Jump Rope

Jump Rope, Training Rope Adjustable Fitness Ropes Workout System for Double Unders Anti-Skid Handle 2 Cable Rope Men Women Kid for WOD MMA Boxing Training Skipping Ropes

Designed as a versatile training jump rope, this product from XGear represents great value for money.

It features high-speed ball bearings and comfortable sweat absorbing handles which minimise any issues with grip and blisters.

The 3.4mm diameter cord is 3m in length and is adjustable. It also comes with a replacement wire and other replacement parts, in case any are lost or damaged. 

The fold-over cable system allows the user to adjust the size in small increments without the need for a screwdriver.

To top it off, the XGear rope comes with a round zipper punch so you can transport or store your rope with ease. Overall, this is an excellent rope suitable for a wide range of exercises and fitness levels.

  • High quality and affordable
  • Many replacement parts included
  • Adjustable length
  • Includes carry/storage pouch
  • Can tangle, so less suitable for frequent and high intensity use.

Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope

Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope with Memory Foam Handles & Weighted Speed Cable - Best Jump Ropes for Fitness Workouts, Jumping Exercise, Skipping, MMA and Boxing - Red

This very popular jump rope from Epitomie is smooth and fast. It features ball bearing handles and a polymer coated speed cable for efficient and smooth rotations.

Uniquely, the Powerskip handles are coated in memory foam, meaning they mould to the shape of your hand and provide extra comfort and grip during workouts.

Whether boxing, crossfit, or just general fitness, this rope will cover all your training needs.

  • Polymer coated speed cable
  • Memory foam ergonomic grips
  • Smooth and fast rotations                   
  • May be too short for tall adults               

VORCOOL Skipping Rope Review

Exercise Training Best Skipping Rope with Memory Foam Handles and Speed Cable Jumping Ropes for Women and Men (Orange0

Who trains today without posting at least one pic on social media? We’re guilty as charged – but trust us; your followers will praise the stylish look of this jumping rope. Be it your mum, your best friend, or a broad audience, this sleek rope will make heads turn.

Visuals aside, it also does its job wonderfully. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike, is tangle-free and it will never twist on you. What else could you wish for?

  • Length adjustable design
  • High-speed ball bearings ensure speed
  • Stable sponge grips reduce hand fatigue
  • Some plastic parts may feel flimsy

Skipping Rope Benefits

Rope skipping comes with endless benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Rope skipping fastens your metabolism;
  • Improves bone density;
  • Improves breathing;
  • Improves blood flow and overall cardiovascular health;
  • Boosts productivity;
  • Improves coordination;
  • Promotes harmonious development in kids;
  • Boosts your mood. 


The best skipping rope for you will be determined by your tastes and personal preference, but our favourite is the XGear Jump Rope. Weighted, length adjustable, and ergonomic, this jumping rope is great for all athletes and even suitable for kids.

Whether it’s fitness training or training for performance, this skipping rope has you covered – and it even comes at a more than attractive price. No doubt, a jumping rope that will serve you flawlessly for a long time.

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How Many Calories Does Skipping Burn?

From all skipping rope benefits, most adults stop on the first one above. We all want to stay in shape, and you’re perhaps wondering how many calories skipping truly burns.

We know you don’t want this answer, but it depends. According to some sources, you could burn more than 10 calories per minute; however, your weight and speed play an important role in the equation.

Calories aside, skipping will improve your muscle tone, strengthen your legs, arms, shoulders, and buttocks. Now with all this in mind, pick your favourite skipping rope and start training!

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