Raine One Electric Scooter – Melbourne Startup Boosted By Quick Wins!

It’s fair to say that the Australian designed electric scooter company Raine Scooters has had a big week! Moving into the very competitive electric scooter market, Raine Scooters launched a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $50k USD to allow the delivery of their first production run. Due to overwhelming support from their backers…this goal was met in just 43 minutes!

Since then, Raine’s Kickstarter has made almost $300k USD and has only been live for a week!

On top of the $300k USD pledged through Kickstarter, it was announced that Raine has been backed by Blackbird Ventures with $500k AUD in seed funding – no doubt encouraged by the strong demand from the Kickstarter launch. This will ensure that Raine are able to oversee the production of more electric scooters to meet the ever-growing demand.

If you are a scooter enthusiast and are looking for a safe scooter, then the Raine electric scooter is just for you. 

It is fitted with customisable LED lighting to ensure that you stay safe even on dark roads. With a max speed of up to 50kmh and a range of up to 40 kilometers, this scooter will also ensure you go wherever you want with ease. The scooter’s smart features and design elements also ensure this electric scooter is the full package.  

More About The “Raine One” Electric Scooter

The Raine One Scooter was made for smooth, safe and exciting journeys. The poly-shock suspension and superior acceleration make this scooter stand out. The Raine One has been made with super strong yet light carbon-fibre elements. This not only provides for a durable scooter, but also supports the X-system fold mechanism, which means the Raine can be easily folded, carried and stored. Unlike other foldable scooters, this convenient feature does not compromise the quality of the scooter in any way.

With a high-efficiency motor, you are also able to go uphill faster and go further than most scooters on the market of this size. It also has a selectable speed of 50kmh with an added range of 40 kilometers that allows you to travel further than many electric scooters.

The Raine One Electric Scooter is also rechargeable, and with a recharge time of less than 2 hours for a minimum of 20 kilometers – you won’t be on the sidelines for long. 

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Benefits Of The Raine One

  • It saves you money – this scooter is a cheaper way to commute and operate than cars or public transport.
  • It saves you time commuting – in case of traffic jams, the Raine One electric scooter will let you cut across the traffic and take alleys where cars can’t pass through – saving you time that would have otherwise been spent waiting for the traffic to ease up.
  • It is good for the environment – being completely electric, it doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses.
  • It is fun to ride –  it helps to clear your head from the clutter of everyday life.
  • It is comfortable to ride – with heated handlebars, the Raine One Scooter ensures your hands won’t get cold during those winter rides.

Features Of The Raine One Scooter

  1. A 5.1-inch visual display unit, meaning all of your controls are at your fingertips.
  2. Customisable lighting that ensures your safety when riding the scooter both day and night.
  3. Fitted with an app-controlled GPS system, you can track your scooter at any time from wherever you are, and will also guide you wherever you want to go.
  4. The in-built high-strength locking cable ensures that your scooter is safe wherever you leave it. This means you don’t need to walk around with an additional cable or a lock.
  5. ABS traction to ensure you brake safely in any conditions.
  6. A wide deck that provides superior grip and allows for a comfortable stance.
  7. High grip airless puncture-proof tyres enhance the scooter’s durability as the tyres won’t need regular changing.
  8. With foldable elements and weighing only 12kg, you can carry and store your Raine One around effortlessly.

The Team Behind The Raine Scooter

The Raine Scooter was the brainchild of three tech experts from Melbourne, Australia. James Murphy who is the co-founder of the off-road electric skateboard, BajaBoard, wanted a fun and innovative form of transport. Michelle Mannering, who is the co-founder of Black AI visualization system, has brought her marketing flair and technology content producing knowledge to the team, while Marc Alexander, who is the co-founder of LIFX smart bulbs, has brought his experience in designing successful electronics to the table.

These 3 passionate individuals are the inventors of the Raine One electric scooter, and together they are dedicated to providing high-quality service and amazing products to their customers.

The Take-Away…

Being an electric vehicle, the Raine One is also contributing to the important cause of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Anyone looking for a comfortable scooter that is safe to ride, fun, and affordable should consider getting the Raine One scooter.

The best part is that you can contribute to the production of more electric scooters by purchasing a Raine One scooter through their Kickstarter campaign. You can currently get the scooter for 30% off the retail price, with Raine gloves and a charging cable included with every purchase. This means that you don’t have to incur extra charges buying these additional accessories for your scooter.

Judging by the success of their Kickstarter campaign so far, the Raine One Scooter is well and truly on its way to becoming Australia’s smartest and most popular mode of transport. 

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/raine-scooters/the-raine-one-electric-scooter

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