The Best Resistance Bands in Australia for 2024

Simple in design and with a wealth of options on the market, picking the proper resistance band can be boiled down to what you need, why you need it, and how much you’re willing to spend.

Sounds easy, but when a google search of best resistance bands in Australia yields over 12 million pages claiming they have the best product, the task can quickly become overwhelming!

To help you find the best product for your needs, we’ve assembled the below list of the top resistance bands available in Australia.

Our top pick: PTP Total Resistance System


PTP Elite Series Total Resistance System 13 Piece Set

The PTP Total Resistance System is a gym in a bag and is the most complete set on the market.

It comes with everything needed for a quality workout, including:

  • Five bands of varying resistance with steel clips
  • Handles, adjustable ankle straps,
  • Door anchor and outdoor anchor
  • Booklet with over 100 exercises and pilates exercises
  • Free online video access and carry bag
  • Packs down and travels light
  • Booklet and video offer over 100 exercises
  • Indoor and outdoor anchors allow it to be used anywhere
  • No need to purchase any other equipment 
  • Comes with a lot of pieces which can be lost easily
  • Not as versatile

Physix Gear Pull Up Assist Bands


Physix Gear Pull Up Assist Bands - Best Heavy Duty Resistance Band for Assisted Pullups, Muscle Toning, Legs Glutes Crossfit Physical Therapy Stretch Pilates & Yoga - Improve Mobility & Strength -4SET

One of the most popular sets of resistance bands on the market, this 4-pack from Physix Gear is high-quality, versatile, and affordable.

The pack includes bands ranging from light through to heavy, making them suitable for a wide range of exercises and experience levels. The bands can also be purchased on their own if you have a preference for a particular resistance level.

With a length of 208cm, these bands are suitable for a huge number of exercises. From squats to biceps curls to seated rows, these bands will allow you to get a full body workout in the comfort of your own home.

The bands are lightweight yet heavy-duty. Each band is 4.5mm thick, and created with 15 layers of latex, making them comfortable to use and almost unbreakable.

No matter whether you’re starting out or a resistance training guru, the Physix Gear resistance bands will be a welcome addition to your home gym.

  • High-quality and affordable
  • Available as a set of 4 or as individual purchases
  • Impressive durability
  • Handy accessories such as individual carry bags and a free video guide
  • Some users may prefer resistance bands with door anchors

Muscle Motion Power Band Package


If you’re looking for bands to integrate into your strength training, the Muscle Motion range at Gym Direct should be your first port of call. These bands are easy to versatile, easy to use, and strong enough to cope with large amounts of stress.

The Muscle Motion bands are perfect for providing secondary and variable resistance to your existing bodyweight or weight exercises.

The following bands are included in the Power Band Package (also sold individually):

  • Red – Suitable for stretching exercises. Resistance is 5 – 35 pounds.
  • Black – Suitable for stretching exercises. Resistance is 20 to 70 pounds.
  • Purple – General use and for adding resistance to body movements. Resistance is 25 – 80 pounds.
  • Green – General use and for adding resistance to body movements. Resistance is 50 – 120 pounds.
  • Exceptionally high quality bands suitable for adding resistance to bodyweight and barbell exercises
  • Range of bands included in the set (or available for purchase individually)
  • More expensive than other options

Dittman Body Concept Resistance 1.2m


​When it comes to nursing an injury back to health or getting proactive trying to prevent an injury, the Dittman Body Concept Resistance Band set is the best on the market.

They are durable, versatile, and are able to be used as a straight band or in a loop. This increases the amount of exercises available to the consumer.

  • Offered at varying degrees of difficulty
  • Excellent for both upper body and lower body workouts
  • Small size allows for easy travel
  • Comes with booklet of exercises
  • Clips can be misplaced easily
  • Can tear if not stored or maintained properly

RTM Resistance Band Loop Set

Super Resistance Loop Band Workout Set Power Resistance Training Increase Body Strength Speed and Ability 100% Pure Latex Rubber

These are great resistance bands because of their size, large range of resistance, durability, and versatility. 

They are a great addition to pull up progressions, stretching exercises, and help safely increase the difficulty on complex movements like squats or deadlifts.

  • Huge amount of resistance
  • Long working life and durability
  • Helps increase or decrease of difficulty in an exercise
  • Endless versatility
  • Takes research or experience to know how to effectively use

How To Pick The Best Resistance Bands

​Seek What You Need:

Keep your search simple by figuring out exactly what you need. Having a general idea will help you navigate the sea of options you will find when looking for a good resistance band. Resistance bands fall into three categories:

  • Physiotherapy – small, light resistance bands used for rehabilitation and prevention
  • Exercise Aid – Large loops of durable rubber used to change the difficulty of exercises
  • Home/travel workout system – Complete system of bands and necessary equipment to complete both upper and lower body workouts

​Deciphering A Complex Market:

You have your intended use in mind, now what?

The beauty of bands is their simplicity. Every band is made of durable rubber or latex, so there is not much room for differences between one product to the next.

Don’t be fooled by marketing buzz words like “commercial grade” or “ultra durable” and be drawn into a more expensive product that is not that different from a lower priced product.

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Understand The Benefits Of Bands:

Exercise bands, without question, are the most versatile weapon in your fitness arsenal.

This is because the source of tension comes from within the band and not from gravity like with free weights.

This allows you to workout in more planes, hit more muscles and mimic natural movements with increased ease than compared to traditional weight lifting.

​Workouts Are A Click Away:

If you feel lost on exactly how to use a band, don’t sweat it! There is a wealth of information online for every desired purpose.

Check out pages like 33 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere for a great total body workout.

Feeling more aggressive? Check out American Physiotherapist and Strength Coach Jeff Cavalier’s Vlog on pairing exercise bands with free weights.

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