The Best Sports Bras in Australia for 2024

Finding a sports bra that provides proper support, wicks sweat away, fits well, and looks good can be a challenge. It can be the difference between an enjoyable workout, and a workout that leaves you irritated and tugging at your bra.

To help you in your search, we’ve rounded up the best sports bras on the market and assessed them against a range of important criteria such as breathability, support, and adjustability. This review and comparison can help you find a sports bra that best supports you during workouts.

Berlei Electrify Underwire Crop Bra

Fabric: Nylon / Polyester / Elastane
Pros: Perfect for high impact sports, mesh provides breathable panels, cotton-lined cups for added comfort, supportive cross over straps
Cons: Skinny straps may not be ideal for all body types  

The ultimate bra for impact sports like tennis, cycling, basketball, and netball, this popular underwire bra reduces breast bounce by up to 50%, so you can work out comfortably.

Mesh panelling in the cups and back provides a breathable cool feel, and cotton lined cups offer added comfort during exercise. As if this wasn’t already the perfect bra—cross over straps offer even more support and versatility. 

If you’re looking to do some serious exercise, you need this bra in your arsenal.

Women with all cup sizes, ranging from 10A to 18E, can rock this bra at their next intense workout. Because it’s an encapsulation style bra, be sure to get your measurements taken before purchasing! Size DOES matter.

D+K Active Essential Crop

Fabric: Not listed
Pros: Made of recycled materials, high compression, removable padding
Cons: Hook and eye clasp

The Active Essential Crop is an ideal choice for a simple, supportive and sustainable sports bra. It is made of recycled materials and is made in Australia.

The fabric itself offers UV protection and breathability while also having stretch technology, moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties.

The design of this crop helps to enhance muscular compression during activities so there is less lactic acid formation and more freedom of movement. The Essential Crop is available in sizes XS to XXL and there’s a curve size option too.

We like the fact that the padding is removable and the neckline is rounded. This is a comfortable crop that has adjustable straps. Like the Anita Active Momentum, this one also uses a hook and eye closure.

Active Truth Sports Crop

Fabric:  Polyester, Elastane Lining: Nylon, Elastane
Pros: Great for bigger bust sizes, racerback style, 8 way stretch
Cons: Not enough support for running

This sports bra uses a double layer design that offers medium support and extra lift.

The support level is good but this isn’t the right sports bra for high movement activities such as running.

The racer back style helps to evenly distribute weight across your back. One of the great features the Active Truth Sports Crop offers is 8-way stretch fabric, this allows complete freedom of movement and means the sports bra holds its shape well.

This is the sports crop to go for if you are looking for a blend of support and style. This supportive sports bra is also fantastic for bigger bust sizes. It is available in sizes S to 3XL and there are 6 colour choices.

Shock Absorber Active D+ Classic Support Sports Bra

Fabric: 57% Polyamide , 39% Polyester, 4% Elastane
Pros: Wide adjustable straps, secure fit, soft microfiber inner panel
Cons: Band size runs small

This classic sports bra from Shock Absorber offers a secure fit and has been bounce-control tested. We like the wide, padded straps and the fact they are adjustable helps to get the perfect fit. They are also non-slip so you won’t be constantly repositioning them while working out.

The moulded cups may not be for everyone but they help to recenter and support breasts for increased comfort. As expected with sports bras, the fabrics used are moisture-wicking. The fabric is also 100 by OEKO-TEX(R) certified so has met certain safety standards.

The Active D+ Classic has soft microfiber on the inner panel so it won’t rub or feel uncomfortable around the ribcage. Some users find the band runs a bit small so it may be worth going one size up in band sizes to ensure the fit is comfortable.

Anita Active Momentum Sports Bra

Fabric: 70% Polyester, 15% Nylon, 15% Elastane
Pros: No underwire, breathable, stylish and feminine
Cons: Hook and eye clasp is not for everyone

The Anita Active Momentum Sports Bra offers maximum support in a more feminine design than many sports bras. The moulded cups offer shape and support and there is no wire so the material feels gentle against your skin.

The fabric used is very breathable and we like the sheen it has, which gives the sports bra some added style. This bra has adjustable straps for getting the best fit. One of the features that comes down to personal preference is the hook and eye clasp at the back. Some users prefer this as it makes the sports bra easy to put on and take off.

Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh Run Division Sports Bra

Fabric: 82% polyester, 18% elastane.
Pros: Wide straps, high coverage, great for running
Cons: Limited bra size options

If you need a sports bra for running and high impact activities, the Nike Dri-FIT is perfect.

It offers a tight fit for a body-hugging feel and provides a medium support level. This is a high coverage, high impact sports bra.

Not only that, this bra has been made from recycled polyester so is a more sustainable choice too. One of the features we like is the mesh at the front and across the back that helps keep you cool while exercising. We also like that the straps are wide for added comfort.

This bra is available in sizes XS to L so the sizes are quite limited compared to other options which go up to XXL.

Muscle Nation Force Bra

Fabric: 87% Nylon, 13% Elastane
Pros: Comfortable, lots of colour choice, flattering style
Cons: Limited support for HIIT

This medium support sports bra features a crossover V-neckline which is a more feminine cut than many sports bras we’ve seen.

It has thick shoulder straps and a crossover back that make it comfortable too wear for long periods.

This sports bra is available in 8 different colours so there’s plenty of choices. This bra is made from Muscle Nation’s Signature Scrunch Fabric, it is a comfortable and flattering option. We like the additional support that is provided by the encased elasticated waistband too.

Adidas Women’s Halter Sports Bra 2.0

Fabric: 65% nylon / 35% elastane tricot
Pros: Lightweight and airy, medium support, full coverage, fast drying, cooling technology
Cons: Halter cut may not go well with all tops, white fabric could be prone to staining   

Offering generous coverage, and medium support to beat the bounce, this bra will be your go-to for light runs, gym workouts, and quick hikes.

Feeling sassy? Wear it as a crop top and pair it with your favourite high-waisted leggings. We love the strappy back detail, it gives this sports bra a chic, stylish feel.

Removable pads give you a flattering shape and soft fabric makes this bra incredibly comfortable. The mesh panelling around the neckline ensures you’ll stay covered but cool—while looking effortlessly gorgeous. 

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras

Fabric: 62% Nylon, 30% Polyester, 8% Spandex
Pros: Full coverage, 4 way stretch, racerback design
Cons: Limited support

This bra offers medium to low support and is great for yoga and similar low impact workouts. These sports bras are comfortable enough to wear every day and the Climacool design helps to stop the discomfort of boob sweat.

The fabric is also moisture-wicking so works to move sweat away from your skin. This sports bra has a racer back design for support and comfort.

The padding is removable and the bra gives a good lift without the need for wires. The wide center band holds the bra in position so it doesn’t move up during exercise. Although note that the tight fit does make the Fittin Racerback a bit more difficult to remove than some other sports bras.

Under Armour Mid Crossback Printed Sports Bra

Fabric: 87% Polyester/13% Elastane
Pros: Colourful design, easy to get on and off, quick-drying
Cons: The elastic is not covered

This Under Armour sports bra is an ultra-tight design that is ideal for boxing, cycling and similar high intensity activities.

The perforated cups provide breathability as well as additional structure and coverage. The interior construction has been updated to help keep the pads in place while you’re working out and when the bra is being washed.

The fabric is soft, smooth and dries quickly. The updated crossover design not only looks great is are also easier to get on and off. Unlike many sports bras on the market, this one has a stylish colourful print. One thing to note about this bra is that the elastic is uncovered which some people may not like.

Panache Sports Bra

Fabric: Not listed
Pros: Lots of sizing options, supportive, breathable fabric
Cons: Bigger sizes only

This high impact sports bra provides plenty of support without being heavy or restrictive.

The inner cups are moulded and seam free to give a defined shape. The shoulder straps are cushioned so are gentle on the skin.

The breathable performance fabric offers plenty of ventilation and the cushioned hook and eye closure has 3 hooks so it is both secure and comfortable on your back. This is ideal for women with bigger boobs as the bra is available in sizes 6 – 18 (back size) and D to J (cup size).

Echt Divine High Support Sportsbra

Fabric: 47% Polyester, 44% Nylon, 9% Spandex
Pros: High support, flattering design, comfortable
Cons: No adjustability, no padding in the straps

If you’re looking for a high support sports bra that looks and feels great, the Echt Divine is hard to beat.

With a flattering t-back silhouette that was popular in the Arise Sportsbra, the Divine takes things up a notch with a new fabric that combines comfort, flexibility and support. This is a high impact bra that can handle activities like running and other high movement exercises.

This bra uses swear wicking fabric and the comfort level means you can wear this for sports or for leisure.

Berlei Microfibre Full Support Non-Padded Sports Bra

Fabric: Polyester, Nylon and Elastane
Pros: Perfect for low- to medium-impact activities, ventilation technology offers cooling comfort, comfortable padded straps, reinforced cup side panels for shaping
Cons: No padding—limited support, skinny straps may not be ideal for all bodies

This is a great medium-support non-padded option from Berlei. This bra offers generous coverage, ventilation zones for quick cooling, and breathable fabric to keep you dry while sweating away. 

It’s ideal to be worn during light runs, yoga, or Pilates—or any other low impact activity you find yourself doing! 

Perfect for women seeking a little more shape under their workout tops and a decent reduction in bounce. Straps can be worn in racerback or tank top style—meaning you can rock it seamlessly under any workout top.

Sometimes padded encapsulation bras can add too much “oomph.” This non-padded bra offers just the right shape and support without getting in the way.

Sports Bra Buying Guide

The two mistakes women make most often when choosing a sports bra are wearing too small a cup-size and too large a band. 

Before heading to the shops or buying online, it’s a good idea to be professionally sized. If you can’t get to an expert fitter, give one of these websites a try: Berlei and Barenecessities.

Types Of Sports Bras 

Not all sports bras are created equal. And thank goodness, because not all breasts are either! When looking for your next sports bra, you’re likely to run into the following types: 

  • Compression: Compresses breasts against the chest to restrict movement. Best for smaller cup sizes (A and B cup) or low- to moderate-impact workouts.
  • Encapsulation: Have individual cups that surround and support each breast. Better for larger cup sizes—offering more support.
  • Combo Compression/Encapsulation: Combine compression with individual cups and offer the most support.

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The Skinny On Straps

The straps of a sports bra matter almost as much as the cups. They offer support and keep your bra from sliding around during activity. Everyone’s preferences are different, but your straps should be comfortable and secure without digging into your skin. 

When our bodies change—whether we’ve lost weight, gained muscle, had a child—it’s important our gear changes with us! The body you had last year might have different needs than the body you have today. Change up your gear: your workouts will thank you.

The Dressing Room Test 

Once you’ve taken your measurements and reviewed your options, it’s time to try some on! Put each of your contenders through these 4 tests.

  • Breath Test: Hook bra in the middle and take a few deep breaths. You should feel comfortable and secure, not suffocated. 
  • Band Test: Raise your arms above your head and wiggle them around. Did your band move up? If so, try a smaller band or adjust the straps. 
  • Backside Band: Turn around and check out your backside. If the rib band is pulling up and riding higher than the front of the bra, the band might be too large or the straps too tight. 
  • Spillage Test: Give yourself a good look in the mirror. Is there any spillage in front or on the sides? A good sports bra will hold the entire breast. 

Only buy bras that pass all 4 tests!

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