The Best Weight Lifting Belt in Australia for 2024

When lifting heavier weights, a lifting belt provides essential support, preventing otherwise avoidable injury.

Belts allow you to reach heavier weights quicker by improving form too, a benefit all weight lifters want.

Below, we review some of the best products on the market in Australia, and then discuss the key things to consider when choosing a weightlifting belt.

Our top pick: Harbinger 5” Foam Core Belt

If you are looking for an alternative to a leather lifting belt, then check out the Harbinger 5” Foam Core Medium Belt.

You will get extra support from its 5” width and a lightweight feel since it’s foam. Its hook-and-loop system makes taking it on and off convenient. Plus, if your waist gets wider or skinnier, you can be confident the belt will still fit.

Overall, it’s super breathable and lightweight.

  • Lightweight foam is breathable making your workouts more comfortable
  • Hook-and-loop buckling system is simple to use for beginners
  • Extra width provides extra support                                   
  • Foam is not as durable as leather

Harbinger 7.5” Firm Fit Contour Large Belt

Sometimes power-lifters run into back issues while lifting heavy weight. If you are one of them, then check out the Harbinger 7.5” Firm Fit Contour Large Belt.

Measuring at 7.5” wide, this belt is the ultimate lower back support system. Plus, it’s naturally curved like your back, providing extra support and comfort. If you have back issues, then you found the belt to use. It’s lightweight too.

  • Lightweight material for breathability and extra comfort
  • Extra width to provide top-notch back support
  • Extra foam panels for even more support
  • Fits large men                                         
  • High-price
  • Too big for some (fits 33”-37” waist size)

RDX Powerlifting Lever Buckle Belt

With its oil tanned leather construct, this belt is built to last. It’s unified lever clasp separates this belt from others.

You will find that the clasp creates a sturdy and balanced workout, which becomes helpful when performing exercises like squats, dead-lifts, and clean and jerks.

The buckle is quick and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for CrossFit.

The inside of the RDX Lever Buckle Belt is made with a soft suede lining to provide extra comfort.

  • Buckle clasp quick and easy to use between sets
  • High-quality leather lasts long
  • Secure fit for powerlifting
  • Excellent comfort
  • Takes time to wear-in
  • Leather is heavy                                        

RDX Weight Lifting 4″ Leather Belt

What you will find with the RDX lifting 4” leather belt is that it’s built for durability. This can be your first and last lifting belt.

Constructed with cowhide leather, double stitched seams, and heavy-duty rivets, it’s secure and long-lasting.

When lifting heavy weight, you need a belt you can rely on. Well, with this RDX belt, you don’t have to worry about it snapping or the holes stretching out. It’s water resistant too.

  • Durable leather for prolong lifespan
  • Increased oil content makes it more water-proof for sweating
  • Double stitch provides excellent balance and durability
  • Reasonable price
  • Double-loop to hold extra slack
  • Excellent for lean bodybuilders
  • Basic design
  • Leather is heavy

Sting Neo Lifting 4″ Medium Weightlifting Belt

The design of the Sting Neo Lifting 4” Medium Weightlifting Belt implements a flexible curve to mirror the natural curve of your back. This design helps beginners as it assists with posture and technique, improving performance and reducing the chance of injury.

This lifting belt adds even more support with its 3-inch nylon webbing and 6 vertical support struts. The result? Extra support of the lower back and abdominals. It supports your core as a beginner to give you time to strengthen it.

  • Curved design for posture assist and extra comfort
  • Neoprene design provides extra flexibility and cushion
  • Easy to use quick and loop system
  • Supportive and comfortable, perfect for any beginner
  • Velcro can wear out over time                               

Benefits Of Wearing A Lifting Belt

  • Secures on your lower back thus increasing stability through all exercises
  • Prevents the spine from giving out during heavy lifting
  • Decreases lower back strain
  • Keeps back straight which forces you to squat instead of bending down, preventing injury

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What Should You Look For When Buying A Lifting Belt?

Look for a sturdy belt. Leather will last longer but weighs more. A leather lifting belt is perfect for wrapping around the outside of clothing.

A foam belt is lightweight and breathable. An excellent choice for beginners but not the best option for serious weightlifters.

Belts won’t necessarily be comfortable, they are designed for support. But over time lifting belts break-in. Eventually, you get used to the stiff feeling. Leather belts are stiffer than foam.

In general, lifting belts come in 4”, 5”, or 7.5” widths. Some manufacturers sell them in millimetres. Usually 10-13 mm.

Wider belts are excellent for back support, but some find them uncomfortable for certain exercises like dead-lifts. Thinner belts are more comfortable but provide less stability.

You also have different prongs on the buckle. Single-pronged, double-pronged, and hook-and-loops are your options. Double prongs are best for serious weightlifters. A hook-and-loop is best for beginners or those who are not powerlifters.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced weightlifter, one of these belts will work.

Remember, safety first. If you use a lifting belt for support, you have a much better chance of preventing injury. You will become stronger in a shorter period by improving your technique too.

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