The Best Garment Bag in Australia for 2024

Garment Bags can be the best way to safely and efficiently transport items of clothing that you don’t want folded or scrunched into a suitcase.

However, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the product that is right for you. 

In this article, we break down everything from size to materials to help you find the garment bag that best meets your specific needs.

Our top pick: Modoker Convertible Garment Bag With Shoulder Strap

Convertible Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap, Modoker Carry on Garment Duffel Bag for Men Women - 2 in 1 Hanging Suitcase Suit Travel Bags

The super-smart  Modoker 2-in-1 Garment Bag is ideal for business travellers who need a smart, compact piece of luggage for a business trip. 

The bag is made from scratch-resistant, splash-proof material, making it exceptionally durable.

It is also sized to meet carry-on airline luggage restrictions for flights and even has a right side pocket to hold passports and other small items and a left side pocket for shoes.

For ultimate carry flexibility, customers will love that the product also has a detachable shoulder strap. 

The standout feature making the product the perfect business travel companion, is the additional garment bag feature.

Items like jackets or shirts can be stored and rolled out to hang, ensuring completely crease-free, ready-to-wear clothing for that all important pitch or meeting

  • 2-in-1 duffel bag and garment bag
  • Scratch and splash resistant
  • Sized to meet airline carry-on regulations
  • Garments may need re-ironing between packing to remain wrinkles-free
  • Zip may not be as sturdy as comparable products

Also great: Misslo Breathable Suit/Dress Garment Bag

Misslo Breathable 54 Suit/Dress Black Garment Bag Pack of 2

The winning feature of the Misslo garment bag for travel is its length. Unlike other suit bags, it is an ample 54 inches long ensuring complete protection of most dresses, suits, shirts and pants. 

The transparent window is great for organisation, so you can quickly check what’s inside without having to unpack the product when planning outfits.

Customers will love how lightweight and easy to carry the bag is with a handy hanger hole at the top, metal grommet and comfortable fabric handles. 

Do you need to transport multiple items of clothing? The Misslo garment bag comfortably houses three pieces of clothing, but might even fit in more because of its conveniently roomy design.

However many garments you do choose to transport, the complete top to bottom zipper ensures easy access for total convenience.

  • 54 inches length
  • Able to fit 3 garments or more
  • Viewing window and full length zip for easy access
  • Material may not be as sturdy as thicker garment bags
  • Zippers may be prone to coming off track

Korjo Travel Garment Bag

The Korjo travel garment bag is a high-quality travel essential for customers looking to get their garments from A to B in great condition.

An ample 43 inches long, the bag is easily able to house clothing like clothes, suits and shirts. Customers will love that they can fit three garments or more inside the bag with ease. 

If the weather is a worry when you’re carrying your garments, the Korjo has you covered.

The lightweight nylon material the bag is made from has a PU coating, so if the heavens do decide to open, your clothes will stay nice and dry.

  • Room for 3 garments or more
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight                                                  
  • May not be as durable as bags with thicker materials
  • Length may not work for very long garments

American Tourister By Samsonite Smart Garment Bag

This innovatively designed Samsonite bag is a great all-rounder for business travellers looking for a compact piece of luggage that does it all. The product is made of two main sections, the suiter section and the overnight compartment. 

Customers will love the handy suit storage complete with hanger space and interior pockets for ties and accessories.

The main compartment also has ample room for clothing, toiletries and any extras you want to travel with. 

For total travel convenience, the bag is designed to meet airline dimension requirements, and it even has a detachable shoulder strap for comfortable transportation.

  • Large compartments for garment storage
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Detachable shoulder straps
  • Product is more suitable for multiple night trips
  • Large capacity can mean it can be heavy

GWhole Breathable Garment Bag

GWHOLE Pack of 5 Garment Covers Breathable Suit Covers Carrier Bag (100cm x 60cm) + 1 Shoes Bag

Made from 100% recyclable material that is also acid free, this is a phenomenal garment bag choice for the conscious consumer.

The long design with a wide gusset means each bag can hold a complete outfit of three or more items, such as suits, dresses or jackets.

The product is easy to use, providing easy clothes storage and protection for the wardrobe, or travel. 

Customers will love the quality of the product which is durable and strong, so there’s no need to compromise on being eco-friendly to keep your wardrobe crease-free and protected.

  • Eco-friendly 100% recyclable material
  • Able to hold a complete outfit
  • Ample length for longer garments       
  • Cannot be ironed, washed or tumble dried
  • The product may be more suited to wardrobe use

Garment Bag Buyer’s Guide

Garment bags enable both domestic and business travellers to keep clothes protected and crease-free without having to fold and roll clothes into an overnight bag.

But how do you pick the best garment bag for your next trip?

Let’s take a look at these key factors to consider when choosing the best travel gear to keep your attire dry and protected:


Most garment bags are long enough for items like jackets and shorter dresses.

However, if you know you need the bag to protect a long gown or, an ankle-length coat, then it makes sense to opt for an extra-long garment bag so that the whole item is protected.


Although all garment bags can be carried from A to B, some are designed for travel better than others. If you’re wanting to move your garments occasionally, or for a special occasion or even storage in your wardrobe, a less sturdy garment bag will do the job.

However, if you are looking to travel with your garments regularly, you may want to get a more durable and sturdy garment bag. Duffel bag and garment bag combinations are ideal for regular business travel.


Do check how many garment bags you get for your money, as the value can be reflected in either the design and quality of the product, or the amount of bags you get per order.


If you’ll be frequently flying with your garment bag like the 2 million+ Australian travellers who fly for business every year, look for options that are already designed to meet airline requirements for handheld baggage.

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Some garment bags are extremely durable, some are water resistant/repellent, some are breathable, some are even recyclable. It is important to consider what type of material you want to invest in, to ensure your garments are as protected as you need them to be.

If you’re frequently walking to work with a suit in tow, perhaps a waterproof bag is a good idea. Conscious consumers might prefer a recyclable garment bag, and if you’re always on business trips, extra sturdy and durable garment bags are a great option for you.

There are big differences between garment bag types, so it makes a lot of sense to think carefully about which option is right for you.

For the wardrobe, or irregular use, simple but strong designs work well. For frequent flyers and those always on the go, innovative, compact designs, zip pockets and strong materials like ballistic nylon are a great idea.


At the end of the day, you need to find the garment bag that best suits your specific needs.

For us, it’s hard to look past the impressive Modoker Convertible Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fly with a garment bag?

Only if it meets the airline measurement specifications for carry on luggage, which many do.

Should I store my suits in garment bags?

Garment bags are ideal for suit storage keeping them dry and protected from dust. 

How many suits fit in a garment bag?

In most cases you can fit three garments in a bag, which could be a jacket, shirt and pants. Some garment bags will have a wider gusset which holds more than one suit. 

How to pack a suit in a garment bag?

It is usually a case of slotting the garment bag over the top of the item, with the coat hanger handle fitting through a slot in the top. With more innovative designs, the garment bag instructions may be different. 

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