The Best Travel Hair Dryer in Australia for 2024

Styling stubborn locks on your travels is a daunting task unless you have a good-quality hair dryer with you.

However, finding a reliable travel-size unit that can successfully replace your full-size one can be a challenge.

To help you in your search, we’ve rounded up the best travel hair dryers currently on the market in Australia and assessed them against key criteria such as size, power, and reliability.

After the reviews below we discuss the key things to look out for when choosing your travel hair dryer.

Our top pick: GHD Flight Saharan Gold

Best GHD Hair Dryer

Pros: Compact and foldable, removable nozzle for precision drying, two variable temperature settings
Cons: Some users may desire a bit more power on the lower setting

Coming from one of the most popular hair styling product manufacturers in the world, the Saharan Gold is the best travel dryer you can get your hands on.

The GHD Flight Saharan Gold folds for easy packing.

This lightweight and foldable hair dryer impresses with a truly compact size.

It fits easily in a carry-on or backpack and comes stylishly packed in a luxurious black travel case.

Despite its size though, it has a powerful motor and dual voltage capability that adapts to use in all countries.

Combining performance and portability, this is a must-have travel companion.

Best value: VS Sassoon Pocket Rocket Dryer

Light weight hair dryer

Pros: Dual voltage for worldwide use, extremely lightweight, foldable handle
Cons: None

The VS Sassoon Pocket Rocket Dryer is a small, reliable, and cheap travel hair dryer to slip in your carry-on. Although it may look tiny, performance is delivered thanks to a ceramic tourmaline element and high-quality components.

Ideal to use on all types of hair, the dryer also comes with a concentrator nozzle and lets you choose from two speed and heat settings for added control.

Upgrade pick: Parlux 385 Powerlight

Best Small Hair Dryer

Pros: Lightweight and ergonomic design, four temperature and two-speed settings, long lasting motor
Cons: Doesn’t have dual voltage capabilities, doesn’t fold, expensive

The Parlux 385 Powerlight is not designed specifically for travel, but it’s compact enough to fit in a carry-on. And thanks to its full-size capabilities, it’s an excellent choice to style your hair while on the go.

It packs 2,150 watts of power and uses ionic and ceramic technology that helps you handle all types of hair.

Remington Jet Setter Travel Dryer

Travel Hair Dryer Australia

Pros: Dual voltage capabilities, removable filter for easy maintenance, two speed and heat settings
Cons: It may a little tricky to slide between low and high-speed settings

The Remington Jet Setter Travel Dryer is a surprisingly powerful travel hair dryer that can help you style even the most stubborn locks.

Putting out a whopping 2,000 watts and small enough to fit in a carry-on or handbag, this dryer boasts two speed and heat settings, and it even comes with a convenient concentrator nozzle.

A foldable handle and built-in hanging loop make it convenient to store, either at home or on the go.

Silver Bullet Baby Travel Hair Dryer

Foldable hair dryer

Pros: Comes with both a concentrator nozzle and curls diffuser, extremely compact and lightweight design, multiple colour options
Cons: No foldable handle

The Silver Bullet Baby Travel Hair Dryer is another great option and comes at a reasonable price point.

It is a truly compact dryer, designed to fit seamlessly in a carry-on, and it’s incredibly lightweight.

Two powerful airflow and heat settings make it suitable for all hair types. And like most travel hair dryers, it also comes with dual voltage settings for convenient worldwide use. 

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How To Choose A Travel Hair Dryer

A travel hair dryer should be smaller and more compact than your full-size one, but ideally it should still pack a similar level of power and features. Here are the most important things to look for:

  • Ceramic element: The ceramic element is essential in a hair dryer if you want to reduce frizz and speed up the drying process. This element ensures an even distribution of heat that dries uniformly and prevents hair damage.
  • Ionic technology: Almost all dryers with a ceramic element are also ionic in nature. The discharge of negative ions is essential if you want shinier and fuller hair.
  • Foldable handle: All travel hair dryers are compact by definition. However, a foldable handle can make it even easier to fit in your luggage. If the unit also comes with a storage case or pouch, that’s even better.
  • Dual voltage: Dual voltage capabilities ensure you’ll be able to use your travel hair dryer in all countries and on all continents.
  • Heat and speed settings: Also check the heat and speed settings. Make sure you can control them separately, especially if you have stubborn hair that requires particular a particular configuration. 

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Our favourite travel hair dryer is the GHD Flight Saharan Gold. This product is part of a limited edition series and is designed to meet the needs of all hair types. It is truly compact and lightweight and comes with a foldable handle that makes it fit seamlessly in your luggage. 

Powerful enough to address all styling needs and boasting dual voltage capabilities, this is a great hair styling tool to take on your adventures. It might not be the cheapest, but it’s performing and reliable, packing all you could wish from a best-in-class pick.

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