The Best Microfibre Travel Towels in Australia for 2024

Whether it’s a backpacking adventure or short vacation, the size of your luggage matters.

Even when only travelling with carry-on, a good quality travel towel can be one of the most essential, and space efficient, items in your luggage.

Conceived to take up little space and add negligible weight to your bag, travel towels are not only easy to pack, they can come in handy in a wide variety of travel situations.

Top pick: Sea to Summit Tek Towel

Pros: Lightweight, soft, quick-drying, several sizes to choose from
Cons: Cheaper options available

The Sea to Summit Tek Towel is the perfect towel for all your adventures. Made of 80% recycled polyester and 20% nylon, it has a blended microfiber material that feels soft like terrycloth.

It’s super absorbent, so you can use it to dry off after a swim or wipe away sweat after a workout. The towel comes in a zippered travel case so it’s easy to store when not in use.

The best part is that this towel is machine washable and quick drying, so you don’t have to worry about it taking forever to dry off after using it. It also comes in sizes small to XL, which means there’s one for all shapes and sizes.

Runner Up: Sea to Summit Microfibre Pocket Towel

Pros: Excellent water absorption power., quick drying material, ultrafine microfibre
Cons: A super lightweight option designed for weight-conscious travellers so won’t offer the luxury and absorption of other options

The Sea to Summit Microfibre  Pocket Towel has all it takes to be the perfect travel towel. It’s made from quick-drying and moisture-wicking microfibre and comes packed in a small storage pouch that fits in the palm of your hand.

The ultrafine woven fibre feels extra-gentle on the skin, but the most amazing feature is the absorption power. Measuring 10 cm in length when packed and weighing only 112 grams, this is a smart addition to your travel gear.

Upgrade pick: Kathmandu Microfibre Towel

Travel Towel Australia

Pros: Extra-large dimension, deluxe material feels very soft on the skin, two colour choices
Cons: Expensive compared to other options

If you don’t mind a slightly higher price tag, check out the Kathmandu Microfibre Towel. This premium product features Polygiene, an advanced odour-control technology developed to keep your towel fresh for longer.

This option suits those who are less weight conscious are keen to retain some thickness in their travel towel. Just what you need on those longer trips.

Best Value: Cooee Shores Travel Sports Towel

Travel Towel Australia

Pros: Affordable, lightweight, durable travel pod
Cons: Less luxurious than other options

The Cooee Shores Travel Towel is a space-saving, lightweight microfiber towel that’s quick-drying and easy to clean. It’s made from Eco-friendly microfiber material, and is soft and durable.

This towel is larger than other options, so you can easily wrap yourself in it. The carrying pods are also durable enough to withstand the demands of travel.

Also great: Sea to Summit Drylite Towel

Pros: Lightweight and extremely compact, machine washable, very fast drying
Cons: May feel thinner than other options

Another great option from Sea to Summit, the Drylite microfibre towel is ultra-absorbent and perfect for taking on your adventures. Whether it’s sunbathing at the beach or drying up after a workout, this towel delivers all benefits you could wish for.

It comes in various sizes and packs so compactly that it can fit even the smallest bag.

What to look for in a travel towel

1. Material

Perhaps the most important thing to check before buying is the material. Fluffy cotton may be comfy, but it’s certainly not practical for travel.

Microfibre is a much more practical choice for multiple reasons. It has great absorption properties, dries up fast, and folds compactly.

2. Size

Travel towels come in all sizes, from small face napkins to full-body size.

If you don’t want to carry more than one, we recommend a medium/large microfibre towel.

You can use it for both your face and body, while still taking up very little space in your luggage.

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3. Accessories

Some travel towels come with handy carrying pouches.

These are great, as they are easier to reach for in a loaded suitcase, and you can also use them to avoid the bulk when going to the beach.

They also compress the towel when in your luggage, meaning it takes up less space.


Are microfibre towels worth it?

Microfibre towels are the best option for travel, outdoor activities, and exercise. This is because they are lightweight and dry quicker than traditional cotton towels.

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