The Best Dive Knife in Australia for 2024

Among the essential items in your dive kit is your trusty knife. Your knife is a cozy dive buddy that you strap on to bring an extra bit of safety to every dive.

Below, we will show you the best dive knives available in Australia with a quick rundown of what to look for in your new dive knife.

Promate Blunt Tip Titanium Dive Knife

Promate Blunt Tip Titanium Dive Knife, Green, KF595

An 11-centimeter titanium blade forms the base of this excellent all-around knife. The Promate knife requires very little maintenance and will be with you dive after dive for years to come. The handle is a molded rubber that forms to your hand. The base of the knife is a titanium hammer that is useful as a signal when knocked against your cylinder.

The knife sheath leaves a little to be desired but straps easily and comfortably to your leg. The top side of the blade has a serrated edge and a line cutter to rip you free from line, net, or kelp. You can grab the Promate knife in a blunt or sharp tip.

  • A Keen blade that can cut through almost any line
  • Titanium blade is sturdy and durable
  • Moulded handle is comfortable in the hand
  • Sheath catch may not feel as secure as other options

Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Titanium Dive Knife

Atomic Aquatics is like the Nike of scuba equipment. Nearly everything they make is of the highest quality and performance. The Ti6 titanium knife is no exception. The 10 cm curved blade is perfect for cutting and has a line cutter at the base. The top side features a serrated edge to get you out of the tougher situations.

The Ti6 comes in both blunt and pointed tip to match your preference and style. That tip sits in a finger-shaped contoured handle. The grip is comfortable and easy to wield. The whole package slides into a push-button locking sheath that holds the knife securely but is still simple to release.

  • Lightweight and sharp
  • Durable titanium construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • Straps are quick and easy to adjust     
  • The sheath is limited to leg mounting

Underwater Kinetics Remora Dive Knife

Underwater Kinetics Remora Dive Knife - Yellow for Scuba Diving Or Water Sports

The Underwater Kinetics Remora is aptly named. Like the fish that hang from sharks, you hardly notice the knife is attached to your gear. The Remora is a BCD or hose mount configuration and is small enough that it doesn’t get in the way.

The knife itself is quite short, being only 17cm including the handle. The serrated blade features a tapered blunt tip. These features make this knife primarily suited for making quick work of fishing line and rope that tangles around you are your dive buddy.

  • Compact and reliable
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Lightweight and low profile                    
  • Some users find the sheath tricky when wearing dive gloves

Tusa Mini Blunt Tip Dive Knife

Tusa Mini Blunt Tip Dive Knife (Yellow)

With only a 7 cm blade, the Tusa Mini knife slides onto your equipment with ease. What makes this knife different than the other small blade knives on our list is the multiple cutting edges.

The Tusa has a sharp blade side with a serrated top edge and line cutter. The versatility of this knife and its small size make it a great, lightweight companion for any diver.

  • Blunt tip great for prying shellfish
  • Easy one-handed sheath release
  • Can mount to BC or a regulator hose
  • Smaller handle is difficult to grasp with gloves
  • Mount makes this knife dive specific

Scubamax Rounded Tip Stainless Steel Dive Knife

Scubamax Rounded Tip Stainless Steel BCD Dive Knife Clear

Scubamax is an excellent dive equipment company that excels in quality equipment options. This stainless steel blade resists damage from salt water. The serrated blade is only 8.2 cm in length with a blunt tip.

The shape of the knife handle makes the knife usable in either the left or right hand, and the sheath can be attached to your BC or regulator hoses.

  • Durable stainless steel build
  • The metal base is great to knock against the cylinder as a signal device
  • Sharp serrations can get you out of almost any trouble
  • The knife doesn’t come with mounting straps
  • Sheath holds the knife well


You may not be an action hero with your new dive knife, but the blades on our list will make sure your safe no matter the type of diving you choose.

The best and most versatile knife is the Promate Titanium. You can use it diving, spearfishing, or even on a camping trip. The availability in a blunt or pointed tip provides a range of options so you can choose the best knife for your dives.

How To Find The Best Dive Knife

When selecting your dive knife, it is good to remember that for most diving situations, your knife is an emergency tool. We know James Bond makes stabbing things underwater look cool, but more often than not, divers use a knife to cut fishing line, netting, and kelp stalks when you get tangled underwater.

The following is what you need in a dive knife;

1. Material

When selecting a dive knife, the best materials are either stainless steel or titanium. These two metals resist corrosion better than other options. You still need to soak the blade in fresh water and dry it thoroughly after diving, but with stainless and titanium you don’t have to rush to the freshwater tub.

2. Knife Tip Shape

Ok, this is where a dive knife is different from almost any other adventure knife. The most versatile knives are a blunt tip instead of a pointed tip. Except for some hunting scenarios, a blunt tip is better for prying, cutting, and hunting. Plus, the blunt version reduces the chances of damaging your BCD or other equipment.

You can still get pointed tips if you prefer the more traditional setup. 

3. Knife Mounting

Where you mount your knife is just as important as the tip and metal. The dive knife needs to be in an area of your body that is easy to equip but won’t get tangled. We prefer a knife that can attach to your BCD or inflator hose.

The other preferable mount is to the inside of your calf. This position leaves the knife still reachable while remaining protected from entanglements.

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4. Knife Length

Because you don’t use your knife for massacring enemy agents or slaying sea beasts, you need a shorter knife. About the most useful reason for a longer knife is prying shellfish off a rock. Shorter blades are easier to work into tight spaces and for cutting yourself or an unfortunate sea creature from discarded fishing line.

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