The Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) in Australia

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the world’s fastest-growing watersports, and it can be enjoyed by almost anyone as long as you have a strong and stable board to paddle on.

However, with so many paddle boards on the market, finding one that is high-quality, durable, lightweight, and easy to transport can be a challenge.

To help in your search, we’ve rounded up the best inflatable stand up paddle boards in each price bracket and assessed them against a range of criteria including weight, capacity, ease of use, and accessories.

Use the reviews and comparisons below to find the best inflatable SUP for your adventures on the water.

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Cheap Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (under $500)

Stand Up Paddle BoardSizeThicknessWeightWeight CapacityPaddle IncludedPump IncludedWarranty
Kings10’6″ x 33″5.9″8.15kg150kgYesYes1 year
Komodo10’4″ x 30″5″10.5kg125kgYesYes1 year
Hydro-Force Aqua Journey9′ x 30″4.7″9.5kg100kgYesYes1 year
Tahwalhi Palm Beach10’6″ x 32″6″Not listed150kgYesYes
Feath-R-Lite10′ x 30″6″7.57kg127kgYesYes1 year

Top Pick: Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Size: 10’6″ x 33″
Weight Capacity: 150kg

Pros: Affordable, drop stitch design, high weight capacity, dual-action pump
Cons: Wider width means less speed but more stable

In our experience, the Kings paddleboard appears to easily be the most popular in the country at the moment. We’ve seen them on rivers, in the bay, and at the beach.

These boards feature the drop stitch technology found on higher-end boards but are available at a fraction of the price.

Kings also offers a model that comes with an attachable kayak seat.

Of all the boards we’ve looked at in this price range, it is also one of the lightest, weighing only 8.15kg (with fin attached).

Runner Up: Komodo Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Size: 10’4″ x 30″
Weight Capacity: 125kg

Pros: Versatile, removable kayak seat, repair kit included
Cons: Narrow width compared to other options

The Komodo is a versatile paddle board that is durable, responsive, and very stable. One of the unique features of the Komodo is that it comes with a removable kayak seat so you can turn your paddle board into a kayak if you want to. This is great for those longer paddles and for getting the most out of your board.

The Komodo is 10’4″ x 30″ and offers a thickness of 5″ making it longer but not as thick as the Feath-R-Lite. The 125kg capacity is ideal for individual use and the board is even pet friendly so you can have your pooch out of the water with you too.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started and includes a double action pump with a pressure gauge. There is also a 1-year warranty, the standard warranty period for a paddle board in this price range.

Also Great: Hydro-Force Aqua Journey Inflatable SUP

Hydro-Force Aqua Journey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, 9' x 30" x 6" | Inflatable SUP for Adults & Kids | Complete Kit Includes Adjustable Aluminum Paddle, Hand Pump, Travel Bag, Surf Leash

Size: 9′ x 30″
Weight Capacity: 100kg

Pros: Suitable for use in small surf, good quality
Cons: Not as stable as other options

The Hydro-Force Aqua Journey is great in flat conditions but you can also use it in rivers or to catch small waves at the beach. It uses a single centre fin system to give you control and excellent tracking allowing you to maintain a straight path through the water.

This board is more than a foot smaller than all of the other budget options we have listed. At only 9′ x 30″ it is not as stable and has a lower capacity of 100kg.

This should not be a problem for kids, or adults who have used a paddle board before, but if you are new to the sport, you may want to consider the Tahwalhi Palm Beach or the Komodo instead.

The smaller size makes this a fun and manoeuvrable option great for kids, surf, or quick manoeuvres.

This kit comes with a paddle, leash, hand pump, backpack, fin and a repair patch so you have everything you need to start paddle boarding.

Also Great: Tahwalhi Palm Beach Inflatable SUP

Size: 10’6″ x 32″
Weight Capacity: 150kg

Pros: Very stable, large capacity, drop stitch fabric
Cons: Total weight not listed

If you’re looking for a slightly longer or more stable entry-level board then the Tahwalhi Palm Beach 10’6″ is worth considering.

This board is 32″ wide, the width of many higher range boards. It is also 6″ thick and has a capacity of 150kg, the highest in our cheap inflatable SUP category.

This paddle board comes with a pump, leash, paddle, carry bag and repair patch. It is made with a dual-layer PVC deck with an EVA deck pad so you still feel stable even when the deck is wet. For added durability, the Tahwalhi uses a drop stitch fabric construction.

This is a large, stable board that is great for paddle boarding on calm water. The carry bag is spacious so it isn’t difficult to pack the inflatable paddle board away after use.

Also Great: Feath-R-Lite Ultra-Light SUP

FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable 10'×30"×6" Ultra-Light (17.6lbs) SUP for All Skill Levels Everything Included with Stand Up Paddle Board, Adj Paddle, Pump, ISUP Travel Backpack, Leash, Waterproof Bag

Size: 10′ x 30″
Weight Capacity: 127kg

Pros: Great value, lightweight, easy to paddle
Cons: Narrow width compared to many others

If you’re looking for an entry-level paddle board that is lightweight, stable, and affordable, the Feath-R-Lite is one of the best available.

This board weighs just 7.57kg making it one of the lightest options on our list (the much more expensive Honu Bondi is only a fraction lighter at 7.1kg).

This makes the board easy to carry around and a lot less tiring to transport to or from the beach than others. For example, the Bluefin Cruise weighs over 4kg more at 12kg.

At 30″ wide, this board is a couple of inches narrower than many other paddle boards listed which can impact the overall stability, particularly for taller or heavier users. However, the 6″ thickness and 10′ length come together to make sure this is a solid board that can support up to 127kg.

The attention to detail with this board is a definite plus. The padded carrying handle for example is comfortable to hold and gentle on your hands.

The board also comes with a backpack for safe storage. The backpack is all you need for short journeys but it may be slightly uncomfortable if you need to carry the paddle board for longer periods.

Although this board has a minimalistic design overall, it does offer a few handy features including the bungee cord on the front, a D ring for attaching the leash and it comes with a useful waterproof phone bag too. Like many of the more expensive boards, the Feath-R-Lite uses multi-layer PVS, making it reliable and durable.

Overall, this is a great stand up paddle board for beginner and intermediate paddlers and is best for casual use on calm water such as lakes and rivers.

Mid-range Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards ($500 – $1000)

Stand Up Paddle BoardSizeThicknessWeightWeight CapacityPaddle IncludedPump IncludedWarranty
Honu Byron10’6″ x 32″4.7″7.7kg120kgNoYes4 year
Bluefin Cruise10’8″ x 32″6″12kg130kgYesYes5 year
iRocker Cruiser10’6″ x 33″6″11kg181kgYesYes2 year
Honu Bondi9’3″ x 31″4.7″7.1kg95kgYesYes4 year
Itiwit X10011′ x 34″6″10.5kg320kgNoNo5 year

Top Pick: Honu Byron 10’6 All-rounder

Size: 10’6″ x 32″
Weight Capacity: 120kg

Pros: Lightweight, stable, ideal all-around board, 4-year warranty
Cons: Paddle sold separately

Honu is an Australian brand that produces high-performance inflatable paddle boards. They have a wide range of boards to suit a variety of riders and conditions, all at a competitive price point considering their quality.

The Byron is their all-around board, designed to be suitable for almost all environments and for a range of riders (40-120kg). It’s perfect for exploring rivers, cruising on lakes, or having fun in small waves.

We’ve personally been using this board for almost a year (as discussed in our Honu Byron Review) and can’t fault it. We particularly like that at only 7.7 kg it is very lightweight and is also compact when packed away.

Impressively, Honu achieves all of this without compromising on stability or responsiveness. This is down to cutting-edge and performance focussed engineering. The result is a lighter, thinner board than competitors that doesn’t sacrifice on performance.

One of the updates this board has seen is the addition of a Honu Compact fin box that fits a standard fin without the need for screws or tools making it quick and easy to pack away after use.

Runner Up: Bluefin SUP Cruise Paddleboard

Size: 10’8″ x 32″
Weight Capacity: 130kg

Pros: High quality yet affordable all-around SUP, available in three sizes, comes with everything you need
Cons: More expensive than other options

UK brand BlueFin is disrupting the market by producing high-quality inflatable SUPs and selling them at a reasonable price point. The boards also come with an impressive 5-year warranty, the best warranty of all of the paddle boards listed.

Their do-anything board is the Cruise. Versatility is the name of the game with this one, so it’s suitable for a range of conditions and skill levels.

The Cruise is available in three sizes: 10.8′, 12′, and 15′. The board is easy to paddle and stable with the 10’8″ size offering a great blend of stability and speed.

The Cruise has great rigidity which helps with overall performance, and is also lightweight and durable, making it easy to store and transport.

This board comes with one of the most complete kits we have seen; it includes a fibreglass paddle, a durable backpack, 3 fins, a waterproof phone case, an action camera mount, an ankle leash, and a kayak conversion kit.

Also Great: iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ Paddleboard

Size: 10’6″ x 33″
Weight Capacity: 181kg

Pros: Very stable, suitable for one or two people, complete kit
Cons: Slower and less manoeuvrable than other boards

The new and improved iRocker Cruiser is large, high volume, and incredibly stable with a wide 33″ base and a broad tail. The latest improvements include a carbon matte paddle that is lighter than the previous fibreglass paddle and a wheeled travel bag so you can easily transport the bag on your adventures.

As its name suggests, the Cruiser is designed for casual paddling. It boasts a whopping 181kg capacity meaning it is perfect for taking the kids out or for tandem adventures.

The stability makes this inflatable SUP easy to stand up on and suitable for a range of rider sizes and skill levels. With that said, this isn’t the board to choose if you want speed.

The triple layer military grade PVC makes this board durable and long-lasting and it is backed by a warranty period of 2 years.

A notable bonus with this board is that it comes with iRocker’s new Full Throttle, Dual Chamber-Triple Action Hand Pump. This is regarded as one of the best pumps on the market and makes inflating your board a breeze.

Best for Surf: Honu Bondi 9’3 Hybrid Surf SUP

Size: 9’3″ x 31″
Weight Capacity: 95kg

Pros: Australian brand, super high-quality construction, lightweight and stiff, 4 year warranty
Cons: Low weight limit compared to others

Created by Australian brand Honu, this high-performance board is designed for the surf but is also perfectly at home on flat water. It features triple bonded rails which enhance strength and durability, along with stringers that are stacked along the full length of the board to achieve impressive stiffness.

The Bondi has a shape and rocker that work together to allow easy and quick turns on waves. Lightweight, durable, and responsive, this is one of the best boards on the market for enjoying the surf.

As a brand, Honu is focused on employing industry-leading technology such as Woven Drop Stitch and Multi Layer Fusion to create world-class paddle boards. They are equally focussed on celebrating and preserving the ocean and environment, with commitments to a range of environmental causes and also working towards green packaging for their products.

Also Great: Itiwit X100 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Size: 11′ x 34″
Weight Capacity: 320kg

Pros: Large and stable, impressive carrying capacity, suitable for SUP yoga
Cons: Doesn’t include a paddle or a pump

The largest inflatable SUP on our list is the Itiwit X100. This 11′ x 34″ paddle board is designed for maximum stability. The X100 also offers the heaviest weight limit at 320kg allowing 2 people to use it comfortably.

Although large, this paddle board only weighs 10.5kg so is still easy to move around. The included bag has foam padded shoulder straps for additional comfort when carrying.

This is a great touring board and the nose makes it suitable for catching small waves too. The Itiwit X100 is suitable for beginners and advanced paddlers making it a great board to progress on. It’s also big enough and stable enough for SUP yoga.

One of the downsides to this board is that it does not come with a paddle or a pump, but you do get a fin, leash, bag, repair patch, and a valve tightening tool.

Premium Inflatable Paddle Boards ($1000+)

Stand Up Paddle BoardSizeThicknessWeightWeight CapacityPaddle IncludedPump IncludedWarranty
Bluefin Cruise Carbon10’8″ x 32″6″11.3kg150kgYesYes5 year
Blackfin Model X10’4″ x 35″6″12kg204kgYesYes2 year
iRocker All Around11′ x 32″6″12kg197kgYesYes2 year

Top Pick: Bluefin Cruise Carbon Inflatable SUP

Size: 10’8″ x 32″
Weight Capacity: 150kg

Pros: Versatile, high-performance, durable
Cons: Heavier than other options

The Bluefin Cruise Carbon is a high-performance board designed to be used in a range of paddling environments. It’s incredibly stable while not sacrificing on performance so is great for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. The Bluefin Cruise Carbon is also super durable, making it very versatile and perfect for camping trips or beach days.

We’ve personally been testing the 10’8 model for several months and have found it suitable for a wide range of riders in mostly flat conditions. We’ve found it very stable and responsive with good water tracking and speed (thanks to its carbon-reinforced construction).

The deck pad is comfortable and provides great grip while the kickpad helps with quick manoeuvres. It’s also easy to pump up and pack away, with plenty of excess room in the backpack. It does take up a bit more room in the boot than our Honu Byron discussed in the previous section, and it is also noticeably heavier (11.3 kg for the 10’8″ model and 12.7 kg for the 12′).

One thing you will notice when you receive this board is that from the backpack to the paddle to the pump, to the board itself, everything is of great build quality and a lot of thought has gone into the design and construction. The quality and durability of Bluefin boards are some of the main reasons they are so popular.

While its price tag is slightly higher than what you’ll find in the mid-range boards, it comes with everything you need to get out on the water including a carbon fibre paddle which weighs about 70% less than standard paddles. It also comes with a kayak conversion kit so you have the versatility to switch positions if you desire.

Runner Up: Blackfin Model X Inflatable SUP

Size: 10’4″ x 35″
Weight Capacity: 204kg

Pros: Multiple action mounts, suitable for fishing, extremely stable, ideal for larger paddlers or multiple people
Cons: Heavier than other similar boards

The Model X has a reputation for being stable. At 35″ wide it is the widest option on our list, offering up to 5″ more width than some of the other inflatable paddle board models. This extra width makes the Model X less likely to tip and wobble.

This inflatable SUP boasts a triple-layer composite PVC construction, a carbon matte paddle, and 3 flip-lock nylon fins. This is a premium quality board that is built to last. It can handle up to 204kg, one of the highest capacities of the boards listed making it a great choice for bigger paddlers or multiple riders.

This paddle board is perfect for a day at the lake and for touring. Having 8 action mounts and 20D rings may sound excessive compared to other inflatable SUP models, but this offers the user plenty of space and versatility for whatever adventure they choose to go on.

If you love fishing, you’ll certainly appreciate the built-in fishing rack mounts and the fact this board is compatible with a sand spear attachment too.

Also Great: iRocker All Around 11′ SUP

Size: 11′ x 32″
Weight Capacity: 197kg

Pros: Manufactured by a proven market leader, suitable for a range of skill levels and activities, very durable
Cons: Smaller riders may struggle to manoeuvre this board

iRocker is one of the most celebrated SUP brands on the market and the best-seller globally.

The All-Around 11 x 32 has been recently redeveloped and is perfect if you want a board that will suit a wide range of rider sizes, skill levels and types of activities.

The most notable upgrades include a new full-carbon matte paddle that is sleeker and lighter than the previous carbon fibre paddle and a wheeled bag so you can pull your SUP behind you for easier transport.

The All-Arounds 32” width provides ample stability while its shape and hull design are designed to reduce drag and maximise speed through the water. Compared to the Blackfin Model X, the All-Around is longer and thinner making it more streamlined. This translates into less resistance in the water meaning the All-Around is able to go faster.

IRocker makes some of the toughest, most durable inflatable SUPs on the market. This board uses a Triple Layer PVC designed to withstand whatever your paddling adventures throw at it.

This package also includes a dual chamber hand pump, adjustable carbon matte paddle, a centre fin, 2 side fins, coil ankle leash, repair kit, and carry bag, so you can get straight to paddling.

Inflatable SUP Buying Guide

The key things to consider when choosing your Inflatable SUP are the shape or type of board, and the size. Once you have figured these things out, you can be a lot more confident as you start to look at the different brands and products available.

This guide takes a look at the types of boards available plus the accessories you may want to make the most of your new board.

Types Of SUP

  • All-around SUP – All-Around SUPs are designed to be used in a range of conditions and types of paddling. We recommend most people start out with this type of board.
  • Surf SUP – These boards are short with a narrow tail and wide nose, making them highly manoeuvrable. They are designed to make catching waves easy.
  • Sport SUP – Designed for speed and tracking, these boards will be less stable and manoeuvrable than other options. Sport SUPs are best suited to experienced users.
  • Super Stable SUP – Wide boards designed to be very stable and often to support larger riders or groups of two or more. These are also the best option for SUP Yoga.

Shape And Size

Stand Up Paddle Boards come in a range of shapes and sizes. Here are some general rules to keep in mind:

  • Narrow boards are faster but will be less stable than wider boards.
  • Longer boards track straighter and are faster, which is good for long-distance paddling, while shorter boards are more manoeuvrable and perform better in the surf.
  • Narrow tail, wide nose boards are better for surfing and quick turns, but are less stable than wide tail boards.
  • Thicker, higher volume boards support more weight but can feel unstable if too thick for the rider.
  • A Planing Hull design is more stable and best for casual use or surf, while a displacement hull is faster and tracks straighter, better for fitness and long-distance paddling.


As you can see in our comparison, different boards come with different accessories. If you’re not sure what accessories you are going to need, use the list below to help:


The majority of inflatable SUP models will come with a paddle included. Most commonly, this will be either an aluminium paddle, a carbon fibre paddle or a carbon matte paddle – depending on the price point and manufacturer.

Some boards do not come with a paddle, and with these kits you will either have to buy a paddle separately.

Hand pump

Many inflatable sup kits come with a hand pump included. The quality of the pump will vary depending on the price range.

The inclusion of a pump means you’ll be able to get the paddle board up and running straight from the box. Some kits don’t come with a pump so if you don’t already have one it is worth checking if the kit comes with one or whether it is going to be an additional cost.

Note that the more chambers the pump has, the faster you’ll be able to inflate your board. Boards like the Bluefin Cruise Carbon come with a triple action pump that allows for must faster inflation than basic pumps.


All inflatable paddle board models come with a leash. You can attach the leash to the board and to your ankle so you won’t lose the board if you fall off. The length of the leash will usually depend on the length of the paddle board or the type of activity it is designed for.


One of the key factors about an inflatable SUP is that it is easy to transport. Having a backpack is essential for this so you can expect your new SUP to come with a bag or backpack of some kind.

It is worth checking the quality and features of the bag as you want it to at least have padded shoulder straps for comfort while carrying.

Other useful features include storage pockets for keeping all of your equipment together. Many models, such as the latest from iRocker, also now come with a wheeled bag. The iRocker bags that are not wheeled may be compatible with the wheel plate add-on.


The fin set up also varies from board to board and is usually a removable centre fin or a 3 fin set up. Having side fins is recommended for surfing and touring but isn’t necessary for cruising.

The fins either clip into position or need to be secured using screws. Whichever fin set up you prefer, fins are critical for tracking when in the water. If your board doesn’t come with fins it will be much more challenging to move in a straight line.

Repair Kit

A repair kit is a very useful accessory to have in your SUP bag. It can be used to fix minor problems with the board ensuring you can continue to use it. This is particularly important if you plan to take the inflatable paddle board camping or on longer trips where you won’t be able to easily solve any issues unless you have a repair kit with you. The repair kits are small and simple so can be kept in one of the bag pockets in case it is needed.

Waterproof Phone Bag

One of the extras we’ve seen included with some of the boards listed above is a waterproof phone case. This is a useful addition, particularly for safety, as you can take your phone with you on the water allowing you to request help if you need it. Some paddle boarders may already own one of these but it is a great addition as part of a beginners kit.

Action mounts

Another feature you may notice on mid-range and premium SUPs is action mounts. Action mounts give you the freedom and versatility to bring certain kit with you such as an action camera so you can record your adventures completely hands-free allowing you to focus on paddling and enjoying yourself.

Some action mounts can also be used for attaching a fishing rod, allowing you to paddle or relax while your line is in the water.

Whether you want to attach your action camera or a fishing rod, there’s no question that action mounts are a convenient addition to an inflatable SUP.

Removable Seat

A removable seat lets you to turn your inflatable SUP into a kayak. The seat simply needs to be secured to the D-rings on the board with straps and then you can sit down and enjoy kayaking.

Having the freedom to turn your SUP into a kayak is great for longer adventures when you are likely to get tired and want to spend time sitting down.

If this is something you think you will want to do frequently, you can even buy another blade for your paddle to turn it into a kayak paddle.


A long-term warranty for an inflatable SUP is 2 – 5 years. The best warranty period we’ve seen is 5 years (the Bluefin range) while a cover period of 1 – 2 years is more common.

The lower budget boards tend to come with a warranty of 1 year as standard.

As paddle boards are an investment and you will be putting them through their paces out on the water, you need them to be reliable and long-lasting. A long warranty period is a clear indication that the manufacturer believes in the quality and longevity of its product.


What Is The Best Inflatable SUP For Beginners?

We recommend beginners start with an all-around board, as they provide the stability required to build confidence and learn how to paddle, but also offer good performance in a range of scenarios. A basic kit for a beginner should include a paddle, hand pump, leash, bag and fins.

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